Participation in athletics involves unavoidable exposure to an inherent risk of injury. As the Certified Athletic Trainer of the school, my goal is to provide quality sports medicine care, assessment, rehabilitation, and prevention of injuries for the students (athletes and non-athletes). Therefore, if a student is injured they may seek my help by scheduling a time with me through email at Students will meet in the Athletic Training Room on the 4th floor Physical Education (PE) Classroom (Fitness Room) for all appointments.

My background as a Certified Athletic Trainer started in United States where I received my Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Athletic Training at Kean University, New Jersey. After passing the national board examination, I received a Graduate Assistant Athletic Trainer Position where I studied and worked full time at McNeese State University of Lake Charles, Louisiana. After completing my Master’s Degree in Exercise Physiology, I moved to Guangzhou, China where I interned at the American International School of Guangzhou for one year. I then fulfilled my dream of working as an Athletic Trainer at a University (Kean) level in the US. In 2014 CDNIS’ innovative approach to Athletics meant that the opportunity for an Athletic Trainer became available. I feel lucky to be the first Athletic Trainer in an International School in Hong Kong and I am active in a professional network of ATs in Asia and USA.

My experience with being Chair of Health and Safety Committee at CDNIS, rehabilitation exercises, administering baseline and on-field concussion assessments, modality machines, nutritional advisement, injury prevention taping/bracing, TRX sports medicine, manual therapy techniques, and return to play assessments has lead our students to a more healthy lifestyle and safe return to sports. An opportunity for students to learn more about Athletic Training and show interest in the sports medicine field may join the Athletic Training Club held every Wednesday in the PE classroom on the 4th floor from 12:35- 1:15. Any questions, please feel free to email me at