Program Philosophy

The Athletics Department is dedicated to interscholastic activities as a vital component of an education at CDNIS. Athletics will be a positive learning experience for our student-athletes if they recognize that they can achieve their highest personal potential by embracing a lifestyle dedicated to integrity, self-discipline, and competition. In addition, selection to a team is both an honour and a privilege, and as such, carries responsibilities. As representatives of CDNIS, all athletes have the obligation to represent themselves in an exemplary manner. Simply put, but not as simply executed, the goal of the Athletics Program is to build character within our student-athletes, develop several skill sets, and win with honour and class. It is a commitment to being principled.


Responsibility to Yourself

As a team member, it is your responsibility to yourself to broaden your knowledge and develop strength of character. You owe it to yourself to experience all facets of school life. In doing so, you will developed various skill sets to prepare you for future endeavours throughout life.


Responsibility To Your School

As a team member, it is your responsibility to participate in athletics to the height of your ability while maintaining exemplary standards of discipline and integrity. Keeping in mind your peers, parents, and other school communities judge our school by the conduct and attitudes of our student-athletes, you are contributing to the reputation of CDNIS.


Responsibility To Others

As a team member, it is your responsibility to live up to all of your commitments including your team, teachers, friends, and most importantly, your family. You will show great enthusiasm and support for your teammates, and every minute of the game you play, you should play to the best of your ability. Develop self-respect by earning your teammates’ respect and admiration. Be positive and supportive towards others, even when the situation may warrant a negative response. Be proud of your own actions so that others can be just as proud.


Regardless of whether we win or lose, we play at all times with commendable sportsmanship. An opponent offers us an opportunity to demonstrate our ability, determination and class. We treat everyone involved with respect. This includes our own team members as well as the opponents, officials, and spectators. We recognize that we are a part of a team. We work towards team success and are willing to make personal sacrifices for the benefit of the team. We demonstrate commitment to the goals of the team and are supportive of each other in our efforts to attain those goals.