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November 2021

Timberwolves Season 1 Sport Assembly – Nominees x Awards Winners For MVP & WP

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Timberwolves Season 1 Sport Assembly took place on Friday November 26th, from 12.30pm to 1.30pm in the Large Gym.

The CDNIS Athletics Department proudly unveiled the list of Awards winners. Those athletes demonstrated during Season 1, amazing commitment, great talent, reel progress, and a massive determination.

Transition Year (TY) / U14 Athletes & Award winners, will be celebrated and announced on Friday 17 December, during the TY Assembly.

List Of Winners MVP or WolfPack Award

Cross Country Upper School Boys

  1. Peter W.
  2. Charlie VB.
  3. Dante W.
  4. Thomas Ng.
  • Wolf Pack Award: Dante W.
  • MVP: Charly VB.

Cross Country Upper School Girls

  1. Asrya G.
  2. Riko F.
  3. Lea W.
  4. Romina L.
  • Wolf Pack Award: Riko F.
  • MVP: Romina L.

Netball U16 Girls

  1. Jemima G.
  2. Lea M.
  3. Katelyn N.
  4. Lauren S.
  • Wolf Pack Award: Lauren S.
  • MVP: Katelyn N.

Netball U20 Girls

  1. Nicole T.
  2. Dia S.
  3. Victoria D.
  4. Zoey K.
  • Wolf Pack Award: Dia S.
  • MVP: Nicole T.

Football U20 Boys

  1. James M.
  2. Tai R.
  3. Adam R.
  4. Arjun S.
  • Wolf Pack Award:  Adam R.
  • MVP: Tai R.

Football U14 Boys

  1. Andreas CH.
  2. Aidan C.
  3. Maxwell Y.
  4. Kyan L.
  • Wolf Pack Award:  Be announced during TY Assembly
  • MVP: Be announced during TY Assembly

Swimming Upper School Boys

  1. Ralph C.
  2. Ethan M.
  3. Richard W.
  4. Jamie L.
  • Wolf Pack Award:  Ralph C.
  • MVP:  Ethan M.

Swimming Upper School Girls

  1. Anya R.
  2. Justine W.
  3. Juliette W.
  4. Catherine P.
  • Wolf Pack Award: Catherine P.
  • MVP: Anya R.

Water Polo U20 Boys

  1. Mikaeel R.
  2. Calvin T.
  3. Justin C.
  4. Tristan VB.
  • Wolf Pack Award: Justin C.
  • MVP: Tristan VB.

Water Polo U20 Girls

  1. Juliette W.
  2. Charlotte S.
  3. Anya R.
  4. Justine W.
  • Wolf Pack Award: Juliette W.
  • MVP: Charlotte S.


  1. Wenjun Z.
  2. Charlize T.
  3. Bhoomi A.
  4. Kaz L.
  • Wolf Pack Award:  Charlize T.
  • MVP: Wenjun Z.


  1. Ron L.
  2. Tony M.
  3. Steven Z.
  4. Kayla Y.
  • Wolf Pack Award: Kayla Y.
  • MVP: Steven Z.

Volleyball U14 Girls Div1

  1. Samara T.
  2. Kailyn W.
  3. Sakura O.
  4. Annabel VL.
  • Wolf Pack Award: Be announced during TY Assembly
  • MVP: Be announced during TY Assembly

Volleyball U14 Girls Div2

  1. Nichola W.
  2. Milly R.
  3. Stella F.
  4. Annie L.
  • Wolf Pack Award: Be announced during TY Assembly
  • MVP: Be announced during TY Assembly

Volleyball U14 Boys

  1. Hin Wan F.
  2. Max L.
  3. Matt T.
  4. Harvey W.
  • Wolf Pack Award: Be announced during TY Assembly
  • MVP: Be announced during TY Assembly

Volleyball U16 Girls Div1

  1. Majken K.
  2. Lauren S.
  3. Chloe Z.
  4. Mary S.
  • Wolf Pack Award: Mary S.
  • MVP: Chloe Z.

Volleyball U16 Girls Div2

  1. Raquel M.
  2. Ava H.
  3. Brielle K.
  4. Anna P.
  • Wolf Pack Award: Brielle K.
  • MVP: Ava H.

Volleyball U16 Boys

  1. Kai F.
  2. Kyan E.
  3. Nicholas W.
  4. Ryan T.
  • Wolf Pack Award: Nicholas W.
  • MVP: Ryan T.

Volleyball U20 Girls

  1. Kellis Y.
  2. Christine V.
  3. Marin L.
  4. Desiree L.
  • Wolf Pack Award: Christine V.
  • MVP: Desiree L.

Volleyball U20 Boys

  1. Aaron L.
  2. Francesco T.
  3. James M.
  4. Jacky N.
  • Wolf Pack Award: Aaron L.
  • MVP: James M.


  • Note1: the three (3) following season 1 sports Golf, Equestrian, Sailing will be recognised during the Season 2 Sport Assembly & Awards Ceremony, on March 2022.
  • Note2: LiveStream / Replay is not available. Apologise for the inconvenience caused.

CDNIS Athletics Department would like to congratulate all the athletes, volunteer coaches, liaison officers, and all stakeholders who have made this Season 1 a successful and popular Season 1.

Let’s Celebrate Together Our Achievements and Success

Timberwolves E-Sports Team Is 2021 SEASAC runner-up

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On Saturday November 20th, SEASAC has organised its First & Inaugural E-Sport competition. A popular success for SEASAC with more than 12 teams entered, and a huge huge success for CDNIS Timberwolves E-Sport who had two teams involved in the competition and took some silverware.

  • CDNIS 1 – SEASAC Silver – Cup Runner Up – Overall 2nd
  • CDNIS 2 – Plate Champion – Overall 5th

CDNIS Athletics Department would like to congratulate all our champions for this fantastic performance, and, as it represents an impressive amount of work, done behind the scene, we congratulate all the volunteers staff and coaches who supported the athletes during this incredible day.


Football At Its Finest

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What A Fantastic Experience For The Students, An. Outdoor. Experience.

After months of patience, Timberwolves Football 20 Boys finally got back together to compete for the 2021 Timberwolves Football Invitational and to showcase their skills. Being outdoor, creating interaction with teammates, playing a structured and intense Football made the whole experience was extremely positive and fun.

Timberwolves Football Invitational U20 Boys

  • Grand Final : CDNIS 20Boys (3) – (1) ICS 20Boys
  • 3/4th Place : HKIS 20Boys (9) – (8) HKIS 16Boys

Timberwolves Football Invitational (TFI) – Information Package

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The Athletics Department proudly introduces its 21/22 Timberwolves Football Invitational (TFI). Our athletes will experience a full day of action, filled up with camaraderies, social interaction, competitive environment.



Participation . Enjoyment . Success


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