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October 2020

Timberwolves Skateboarding Is Born!

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Thanks to our fantastic volunteers coaches Jackson and Harry, Timberwolves Skateboarding is born!

The perfect Social Distancing-Fit sport is conducted at school, on the 3/F outdoor playground, every Wednesdays, 2.45pm-3.45pm.

When the situation gets back to normal, the ambition of the team is to visit all the skateparks of our vibrant city, and, for all the rainy days, to build up their own wood-made ramps, using the infinite resources available at school.

What A Programme!

Timberwolves! It All Starts Again

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Here We Come! It All Starts Again

Friday 23 October, Volleyball and Football are on the Menu of our Sport Day Special!

Tuesday 27 October, Volleyball, Football, Swimming, Cross Country, Skateboarding, Netball,

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