2019/20 Timberwolves Awards Ceremony . List Of Amazing Award’ Winner.

By May 29, 2020News & Updates

You can watch the replay of the Awards Ceremony HERE

Password: Please, contact Laurent Villemeur, laurentvillemeur@cdnis.edu.hk

What a incredible list of talented athletes!

Ladies and gentlemen, the 2019/20 Timberwolves Season 2 Sports and Individual Awards Winners.

Timberwolves Cross Country Lower School 

  • WolfPack Award: Benjamin P
  • MVP: Leopold R

Timberwolves Cross Country Upper School Girls

  • WolfPack Award: Asrya G
  • MVP: Daniela C

Timberwolves Cross Country Upper School Boys

  • WolfPack Award: Charlie V
  • MVP: Lok Tin L

Timberwolves Tennis Boys Div2 

  • WolfPack Award: Troy Y
  • MVP: Ramiro W

Timberwolves Tennis Boys Div1

  • WolfPack Award: Adam C
  • MVP: Jay W

Timberwolves Tennis Girls

  • WolfPack Award: Karina T
  • MVP: Delphina W

Timberwolves Ball Hockey

  • WolfPack Award: Joseph Y
  • MVP: Elise B

Timberwolves Touch U20 Girls

  • WolfPack Award: Sophie W
  • MVP: Micaela F

Timberwolves Rugby U14 Boys

  • WolfPack Award: Ryan T
  • MVP: Charlie W

Timberwolves Rugby U20 Boys

  • WolfPack Award: Eliot B
  • MVP: Harry C

Timberwolves Golf

  • WolfPack Award: Ken W
  • MVP: Shine Y

Timberwolves Equestrian Lower School

  • WolfPack Award: Jeffrey W
  • MVP: Ka Ching F

Timberwolves Equestrian Upper School

  • WolfPack Award: Selene M
  • MVP: Kamilia W

Timberwolves Netball U10 Girls

  • WolfPack Award: Mia M
  • MVP: Elyse L

Timberwolves Netball U12 Girls

  • WolfPack Award: Leah C
  • MVP: Zoe H

Timberwolves Netball U16 Girls

  • WolfPack Award: Natalie W
  • MVP: Vanessa L

Timberwolves Netball U20 Girls

  • WolfPack Award: Victoria D
  • MVP: Emalisa E

Timberwolves Football U16 Boys

  • WolfPack Award: Nigel W
  • MVP: James M

Timberwolves Football U20 Boys

  • WolfPack Award: Trevor H
  • MVP: Cameron C

Timberwolves Swimming Upper School Boys

  • WolfPack Award: Aidan Y
  • MVP: Anson L

Timberwolves Swimming Upper School Girls

  • WolfPack Award: Jasmine P
  • MVP: Natasha L

Timberwolves Swimming Lower School

  • WolfPack Award: Nathan C
  • MVP: Emma Rose Z

Timberwolves Basketball U12 Girls 

  • WolfPack Award: Bri W
  • MVP: Hazel R

Timberwolves Basketball U12 Boys

  • WolfPack Award: Aidan C
  • MVP: Leo M

Timberwolves Basketball U14 Girls 

  • WolfPack Award: Gabrielle S
  • MVP: Harriet K

Timberwolves Basketball U14 Boys Div2

  • WolfPack Award: Martin P
  • MVP: Ben S

Timberwolves Basketball U14 Boys Div1

  • WolfPack Award: Ryder J
  • MVP: Luke B

Timberwolves Basketball U16 Boys Girls

  • WolfPack Award: Annabel S
  • MVP: Vanessa K

Timberwolves Basketball U6 Boys

  • WolfPack Award: Ron L
  • MVP: Ethan A

Timberwolves Basketball U20 Girls

  • WolfPack Award: Sarah M
  • MVP: Madison V

Timberwolves Basketball 20 Boys

  • WolfPack Award: Kobi S
  • MVP: Alessandro T

CISPA Sportsmanship Award – Lower School Male

  • Nathan C

CISPA Sportsmanship Award – Lower School Female

  • Hazel R

CISPA Sportsmanship Award – Junior Male

  • James M

CISPA Sportsmanship Award – Junior Female

  • Desiree L

CISPA Sportsmanship Award – Senior Male

  • Kobi S

CISPA Sportsmanship Award – Senior Female

  • Elise B

Athlete Of The Year – Lower School Male

  • Aidan C

Athlete Of The Year – Lower School Female

  • Harriet K

Athlete Of The Year – Junior Male

  • Charlie V

Athlete Of The Year – Junior female

  • Christine V

Athlete Of The Year – Senior Male

  • Alessandro T

Athlete Of The Year – Senior female

  • Madison V

Coach Of The Year

  • Laurent V

John Jalsevac Award

  • Blair S

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