Good Luck to our SEASAC Sr. Swimmers and MUN Teams!

By February 20, 2019News & Updates

Rumarudee International School in Bangkok is hosting the SEASAC Senior Swimming Championships welcoming 16 teams from across South East Asia for two days. This will be the second year with Senior Meet format featuring heats and finals, which ensured some very exciting events. Good luck to our swimmers!

The annual SEASAC MUN is being hosted at Harrow International School in Bangkok from 1-3 March. Harrow Bangkok is hosting schools from different countries such as Singapore, China, and Thailand. CDNIS students are able to collaborate with peers of different ages and backgrounds, form new friendships, and learn from each other. MUN is more than just the debating, researching and the writing; MUN is the experience of being surrounded by like-minded students who want to make an impact on the world. We are all well aware that our ideas may not be translated into action right away, but that’s not to say that couldn’t be one day.

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