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February 2019

Congrats to the SEASAC MUN and SR. Swimming Teams

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This year CDNIS took  18 students from Grades 8-12 to Bangkok, Thailand at Harrow International School to compete in the Annual SEASAC MUN Competition. All delegates represented our school well and contributed to high levels of debate over the three days. Throughout the weekend resolutions were debated on issues ranging from affirming the universal rights of religious minorities, to tackling government corruption and the abuse of politics. Our delegates were well prepared and dominated many ways thanks to our teacher leaders, Stephen Smeed and Anne Boyle.

The SEASAC Swimming team had a great swimming weekend with lots of medals and personal best swims. Thank you to coaches Darren McHugh, Tracie Liu, and Braedon Sharp who spends many early mornings and afternoons getting the team prepared for this event. Here are some of the results from this weekend.

Samantha Tai –
100 Fly – 2nd
200 Fly – 2nd
200 IM- 3rd

Ricky Lam
50 Brst – 2nd
100 Brst – 4th

Anson Leung
100 Back – 3rd
100 Back – 4th
200 Back – 4th

Michael Van Voorst
200 Back – 3rd
100 Free – 4th

David Yeung
50 free – 4th

Karen chan
400 IM – 4th

Boys Relays –
200 Medley – 2nd
400 Medley 4th
Michael Van Voorst
David Yeung
Anson Leung
Ricky Lam

Special congrats to karen Chan, Michael Van Voorst and David Yeung on their final SEASAC!



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To All Athletes Out There. There is a new programme on offer.

TOUCH U14 BOYS, you love Touch Rugby and want to be involved, this tournament is made for you:
ISSFHK U14 BOYS Touch Rugby League starts on April 25th and ends on May 30th.
To express your interest, HERE.

2019 SEASAC Swimming Championship . Website

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SEASAC Swimming Championship is just around the corner and you can follow all the fun and action, on the link below.


Nika Logofet
Anya Roschke
Carole Tunik
Karen (Captain) Chan
Natascha Lipman
Samantha Tai
Jasmine Putnam


Anson Leung
Caleb Loh
Matteo Przyszczykow
Richard Lam
Michael Voorst
David Yeung
Aidan Yeung

Go Timberwolves!

Good Luck to our SEASAC Sr. Swimmers and MUN Teams!

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Rumarudee International School in Bangkok is hosting the SEASAC Senior Swimming Championships welcoming 16 teams from across South East Asia for two days. This will be the second year with Senior Meet format featuring heats and finals, which ensured some very exciting events. Good luck to our swimmers!

The annual SEASAC MUN is being hosted at Harrow International School in Bangkok from 1-3 March. Harrow Bangkok is hosting schools from different countries such as Singapore, China, and Thailand. CDNIS students are able to collaborate with peers of different ages and backgrounds, form new friendships, and learn from each other. MUN is more than just the debating, researching and the writing; MUN is the experience of being surrounded by like-minded students who want to make an impact on the world. We are all well aware that our ideas may not be translated into action right away, but that’s not to say that couldn’t be one day.

Timberwolves, New Opportunities for U9 and U11. Check It Out!

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HERE is the form  to express your interest.
With the newly formed Primary Association Of School Sports (PASS), there are plenty of opportunities for U9 & U11 students to sign up and participate in fun CDNIS Timberwolves Sports teams. They will compete against CIS, ISF, NAIS.

* February 20 (Wed): U11 Girls’ Basketball @ ISF (16:00 start)
* February 27 (Wed): U9 Basketball @ ISF (16:00 start)
* March 1 (Fri): U9 Boys’ Basketball @ ISF (15:00 start)
* March 8 (Fri): U11 Boys’ Basketball @ ISF (15:00 start)

* April 30 (Tue): U9 & U11 Badminton @ CAIS (16:15)

* March 9th: U11 Girls’ Football @ CIS (09:00 – 12:00)
* March 9th: U11 Boys’ Football @ CIS (09:00 – 12:00)
* March 23rd: U9 Girls’ Football @ CIS (09:00 – 12:00)
* March 23rd: U9 Boys’ Football @ CIS (09:00 – 12:00)

*April 11th: U9 Girls Netball @ ISF (16:00 start)
*April 12th: U11 Girls Netball @ SF (16:00 start)

Note: On school days, CDNIS will provide buses to the venues but parents must arrange their own pick up from the events.

HERE is the form  to express your interest.

Timberwolves Basketball, Home Of Champions!

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2 of our Timberwolves Basketball Teams have been crowned ISSFHK Champion, this week. Both sides, U16 Boys and U20 Girls were simply unstoppable, playing with a big heart and and an outstanding intensity!

The Athletics Department would like to thank all the athletes involved, all our coaches, and officials who have worked behind the scene for making this season memorable.

Thursday 31 January, U16 Boys Div1 Final CDNIS (52) – HKIS (39)


Wednesday 30 January, U20 Girls Div2 Final CDNIS (45) – CIS (34)

Timberwolves basketball, Home Of Champions

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