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June 2016

Athletic Awards – Thanks for coming!

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Thanks for coming to the Athletic Awards last night, it was a great celebration of a years dedication by athletes and coaches.

See results and enjoy a sample of the Photography Club photos of the Athletic Awards Album 1, Album 2.
Congratulations to Season 3 MVP/MIPS (US)  LS MVP/MIPs
Massive respect to worthy winners of the big awards.
What makes these awards special is the quality of the nominees in every award.

LS Athlete of the Year – Max Threlkeld  & Sarah MacPherson

LS CISPA Sportsmanship – Iona Gladstone & Anson Tam
Junior Athlete of the Year – Charlie Stewart & Jemima Bland
Junior CISPA Sportsmanship – Justin Leung & Blaise Kingan
Senior Athlete of the Year – Rentaro Mereu & Kelly Hui
Senior CISPA Sportsmanship – Devlin Wong & Jenaya Goodacre
Coach of the Year- Justin Wah
Jalsevac Award Winner – Stephan Hautz
Go TWolves in 2016/17
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