Elite Athlete Nomination

By May 5, 2016News & Updates

If you know of an Elite student athlete in our CDNIS community, please consider nominating them for the Elite Athlete Award presented at the Athleteic Awards.

Elite Athlete Nomination Form

This award recognises an individual athlete who has achieved at the highest level. This could be for a CDNIS Team or in a sport/event/team outside of the CDNIS programme. It is important that these athletes are recognised in front of their peers at our Athletic Awards on May 25th. This award is separate from, and in addition to, the Athlete of the Year (Male/Female) and CISPA Sports Person of the Year (Male/Female).

Elite Level should mean national (HK or other) representation. One or more awards may be presented. As well as Elite level participation the athlete should demonstrate :

– Outstanding performance in their chosen sports.
– Be a positive role model for all CDNIS athletes
– Has respect of classmates and teachers.
– Maintains good academic standing.

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