Here are some ways in which to tap into potential financial resources to support your advocacy programs!

CISPA Outreach Committee Initiatives fund:
The mission of the Canadian International School Parents Association (CISPA)  Outreach Committee is to provide support to CDNIS Outreach Initiatives that have a charitable, service, sustainable or environmentally conscious element.  Initiatives can be led by students, faculty members and/or parents of CDNIS. It may also include training and development of students and/or teachers in areas relating to Outreach’s mission.  Although often the support provided by this committee is monetary, it can also include advice, mentoring and manpower.  The amount available is around $5000.  To submit a proposal, click on this link.

Community Experience Subsidy:
To support the CDNIS Mission Statement and our service learning pledge, CDNIS is providing a funding opportunity for students who are participating in experiences related to service learning in Hong Kong or internationally. Each subsidy is up to HK$1,500.00 which can be used towards any programme fees, transportation or accommodation costs.  These subsidies have been made available by Local & Global Engagement allocation of the Annual Fund.


  • CDNIS students from any grade are eligible to apply.
  • Experiences and trips may be student initiated, organized by a small group of students or may be organized by an outside party such as Kids4Kids Youth Forum, Rustic Pathways, World Volunteer, Camps International, church organizations, etc.
    • (In such cases, CDNIS Staff do not have to be a supervisor on the trip)
  • Experiences and trips may be CDNIS initiated, such as GIN leadership programs, Habitat for Humanity trips or the Grade 6 Guizhou Trip.
    (Please note: Grade 7-12 CAS Week trips are not applicable for this subsidy)

Application Requirements:
Please submit a one-page word document or GoogleDoc with your responses to the points below to the Coordinator of Local and Global Engagement, Mr Matthew Schulte (

  • Outline the trip location, the community you will be working with and the trip duration and explain the objectives of the experience
  • Describe the issue that will be addressed (why is the project worth your support and what actions will you be taking within that community?)
  • Estimate the specific costs (transportation, accommodation, activities, meals, etc.) and explain how this subsidy supports your participation in this trip/experience
  • Identify two statements from the Service Learning Pledge and predict how you will develop and demonstrate them through this experience
  • Include your parent’s and your contact information (name, email and phone)

Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis, and should be made at least 2 weeks before the trip/experience. Conditional approval will be given based on the quality of the application before the trip, and the funds will be released to the candidates’ parent(s) upon successful completion of the post-trip impressions.

The post-trip impressions consists of 2 parts:

  1. a de-brief with the Coordinator of Local & Global Engagement, soon after returning; and
  2. a short written piece/photo collage/short video that will be shared with our CDNIS community on the Taking Action website’s Stories page, and should meet the requirements for trips, as stated on the page.  Students are also encouraged to share their experiences in their iFolios.