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Talks by Upper School students to Gr. 5s about refugees & taking action

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On Wednesday, 18th October 2017, Upper School students from 3 refugee support clubs presented shared the current realities of refugees living in Hong Kong and how their clubs try to help in areas of literacy, food and sport.  Members from the “RESPECT”, “Cooking for a Cause” (see their presentation) and “Free to Run” student clubs got the Gr. 5 students interested in the issue with the help of photos, videos and stories, so much so that there wasn’t enough time for all the questions during the Q&A session.  By the end of the talks so many Gr. 5s were very keen to get involved themselves and learned about opportunities that open up to them once they are in the Upper School.

The Upper School students found it rewarding too:

“We thought that the grade five students participated eagerly and seemed enthusiastic to be part of the change. Judging by the number of hands going up every time we asked a question, they seemed genuinely interested in learning more about our club and the ways they could get involved in the future!”  – Jesse from ‘RESPECT’
“It was my pleasure to teach the 5th graders on not only refugees in general, but also what we do as a club. I was really happy when I saw the students interested in listening to what we do, since it is not really often to learn about refugees through the aspect of cooking. Therefore, I really hope they learned something from our club and our stories, which they may continue in the future if they are interested in joining CFC.” – Joyce from ‘Cooking for a Cause’
“It is a great experience for us to be able to share the importance to help refugees and we are happy to see the grade 5 are actually interested in it. I can see that they really have deep understanding on refugees and I hope to see them joining our club after they reach to grade 7, even though I would have already graduated.” – Kenne from ‘Cooking for a Cause’

Habitat For Humanity Popcorn & Italian Soda sale

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The goal of this campaign was to increase community awareness on the role of Habitat at our school as well as the need for adequate housing and fundraise money to subsidize build trips for future trip participants though a popcorn and Italian soda sale.  We were able to raise a large amount of money to subsidize a build trip for our future build trip participants. The students we talked to during and after the event expressed their interest in our build trips as well as telling us that they enjoyed reading the facts. Leaving our campaign goals met.  Students said that the HFH facts on the popcorn bags were accessible and interesting to read and share with the peers.  Many students contributed to our house signing component that we added and we were able to explain what Habitat was while they signed it.  We were able to get over 90 signatures in support of World Habitat day (2nd October 2017).  When talking to our friends, they said that they actually read the facts unlike if it was put on wordy posters.

What students thought about the event:
“There was a really good advocacy component as Habitat was able to place facts and information in an eye-catching place. It really taught me new information about the issue of inadequate housing in Hong Kong and what Habitat for Humanity is doing to help.”
“Writing facts on the paper bags at the Popcorn and Italian soda sale was a really great way for us to learn more about the club. But the added component of advocating for World Habitat Day by getting us to sign little paper houses that Habitat for Humanity Hong Kong was doing with the public, was even better as it made me feel more involved with the cause.”

Peace Day – 21st September

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  CDNIS celebrated International Day of Peace on 21st September with peace flags, puzzles, a ‘Paths to Peace’ forest mural, student advisory discussions and a vibrant musical number “Peace on Earth”.  BIG THANK YOUs to Tim Brown, Ashley Benusa, Chloe Lam, Aly Tresize and their Lower School art & music students for beautifully celebrating International Day of Peace! Thank you to Tiffany in Communications for making the CDNIS Peace Day video! Congratulations to our “Know Your World” flag quiz winners: Flora Chen & Lea Morgan (Gr. 4) and Richard Chan & Lauren Tran (Gr. 5) for the most accurate flag answers! All teachers: thank you for bringing your classes through to participate by drawing Peace flags and taking the ‘Know Your World’ quiz, and to Upper School Teacher advisors for leading insightful discussions about what means looks like and how one can practice it.

Interact Club – Famine 10

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The Interact Club in CDNIS is a student organised group sponsored by Hong Kong’s Rotary Organisation ( The club’s mission statement is to tackle local and global issues by participating in monthly service activities. On March 27th, more than 40 students took part in Famine 10, an annual event where students fasted for 10 hours and completed lunch and after school simulations in order to raise awareness for famine in our world. This year, our theme was health and diseases, and we focused on how this is a major factor that causes famine. All proceeds went towards World Vision, a humanitarian organisation which tackles the causes of poverty and injustice. After fasting for 10 hours, students came out understanding that not all people are as fortunate as we are. By participating in the simulations, students had a taste of what life is like for the less fortunate. Students were also able to gain new knowledge about diseases of poverty and how it affects the lives of communities. From this event, we hope students recognise that they are able to make a difference to the global community.



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Athena and Alina are volunteers for the organisation – the Joshua Hellmann Foundation (, and we organized a walk that was held on the 14th of March (Saturday) at the Peak, Lugard Road. We had around 50 participants come to the walk wearing blue. The main intent of the walk was to raise awareness for rare diseases, which affect 350 million people worldwide. However, since there are so many conditions that affect small groups of the population, diagnosis, prevention, and treatment are often very difficult. In order to raise awareness, we had an activity during the walk that made participants pay attention to the statistics regarding rare diseases. Each person was given a quiz sheet that had statistics on them, with the numbers missing. Along the path of the walk, were marshals standing with signs that contained the missing numbers. Participants had to match the numbers on the marshals sign, to the right blank on their quiz, in order to get a free Sift cupcake.

After the 3.5 kilometre walk, participants went to the Mount Austin Playground (also in the Peak), where we provided them pizza, snacks, and drinks, which were provided to us for free by some adults who had heard about our walk. We also had a water ballon fight for everyone to cool off and have some fun. All in all, it was a successful event, and we hope to do it again next year!


Amnesty: Hungry for Change Campaign (with Justice Center)

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On October 14, Amnesty International CDNIS hosted “Hungry for Change”, an event created by Justice Centre Hong Kong, to bring about awareness of the lack of human rights refugees have in Hong Kong. Refugees in Hong Kong have to collect food worth less than $40 a day. We invited a refugee experiencing these troubles to talk to students, pledged students to try and use only $40 every day for meals between Oct. 14-16, and participated in an online petition to call for the government to revise its policies regarding refugees in Hong Kong. In January, we received news that the online petition was successful and now the government is starting to hand out cash coupons to allow refugees to select their own food rather than receiving sub-standard food at collection centers.



Amnesty: Vow of Silence Campaign!

On November 26th, 2014, Amnesty International CDNIS hosted an event called the “Vow of Silence” where Upper School students (Gr7-12) were challenged to not speak for the entire school day, from 7:45am to 2:25pm. This campaign was hosted in order to raise awareness for those without a voice worldwide and is a traditional event that Amnesty hosts yearly. During the campaign, the CDNIS Amnesty also hosted lunch time activities with participants where many participants confessed to have broken the vow and expressed through body language the difficulties they faced in class to communicate their thoughts and lack of voice. Peers, parents and/or relatives sponsored students to complete the event and all proceeds were donated to an NGO called Global Rights Organization (GRO). The GRO works with local activist groups in Africa, Asia, and Latin America to spread awareness and protect the rights of populations marginalized because of gender, ethnicity, race, socio-economic status, gender identity or disability.


Amnesty: Family Fun Fair Identity Advocacy Campaign!

The Amnesty International Club at CDNIS aims to raise awareness and take action on various human rights issues on a local, national and international level. At the Family Fun Fair on November 30th 2014, CDNIS Amnesty International hosted an advocacy booth, raising awareness to our main foci Right to Identity. In order to promote our foci and address a wide target audience, we turned our booth to an arts and crafts one where we had participants decorate a puzzle piece with colours, symbols and words that represent themselves. The puzzle pieces would then be combined together and would portray a collage based on the focus of identity. Ultimately, the collage would show how each of us are like a little individualistic puzzle piece, but when put together can become like a big picture that represent a community.


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