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Gr. 10 students share their Personal Projects with Gr. 4 students!

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On 14th March,  Grade 10 students Tina, Alia, Matteo, Jaden and Matthew shared their Personal Projects with the Grade 4 students, and discussed they ways in which they took action about an issue that mattered to them.  These presentations were used by the Grade 4 students as great idea starters and provocations to consider what ways they may want to support a cause they care about during their own ‘Action Week’.

“I heard from numerous students and teachers how engaging all of your talks were. You all showed passion, enthusiasm and persistence regarding action and delivered your message in a confident manner. Our Grade 4 students look up to you and we really appreciate you all being such positive role models.”

– Grade 4 Learning Leader, Rebecca Tupling





Details about each of their projects and what they wanted to present:

Tina Xia 
Environmentally friendly garment
I’ve created two environmentally friendly dresses with natural dyes. I dyed both clothes with grape peels.
Alia Dobles
Wearing Out the Stigma 
In my project, I designed shirts through my own brand, “Floatees,” to raise awareness, as well as funds for teen suicide prevention in Hong Kong. All profits raised were donated to the Samaritans, a suicide prevention organization in Hong Kong. I created a social media account to advocate for this cause, while advertising my product.
Matthew Yong
Sustainability & Technology
To develop an atmospheric water generator that could produce potable water in response to the global context “Scientific and Technical Innovation”. I completed this goal by taking a repairing a broken dehumidifier and modifying it to filter out water.
Matteo Darsono 
Renewable consumerism products
By using the laser cutter I developed a variety of lampshades and artworks that are environmentally sustainable and cost effective. Each of these products will be capable of compact packaging for sending to clients and customisable depending on a client’s needs.
Jaden Benayon
 Raising Awareness of the Plastic Waste Problem of Hong Kong 
The goal of my project is to organise a group beach cleanup event in accordance with my project of raising awareness about waste plastic pollution. Through research, on-site investigation and interviews, I gathered information about Hong Kong’s plastic waste situation with the goal of raising awareness for change. The global context I will be focusing on is that of ‘Globalisation and Sustainability’. Meaning, I will be inquiring into the structure and function of organisations, reviewing their systems and in turn, sustaining Hong Kong’s environment.

Charlie’s football project in Philippines continues into 2019!

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Charlie Stewart, Class of 2018, shares the way he’s continued to serve a community he cares about, one that started from his time as a Gr. 9 student creating his Personal Project at CDNIS.    Read how he practices the CDNIS Service Learning Pledge #10, “I commit to continually apply my passions, skills and knowledge to my communities no matter where I am in the world”, from his story below, and watch Charlie’s beautifully-shot video that captures the work he’s done with the community in Dumaguete, Philippines in February-March 2019:

“In 2015, the grade 10 personal project started for our year, and we were told to create a project that would have an impact on a community through something we are passionate about. My parents had connections with ICM (International Care Ministries) and they were a major help in connecting us with the children. After finishing the project, we all felt like we had to return because of how much we and the children enjoyed playing together but we never had the time until I started my gap year. I feel that the planning and preparation that goes behind an event like this closely resembles a presentation summative assignment that we do in class. Planning, research and preparation have to occur in both instances. One school project in-particular was very similar to what we did in Dumaguete. In geography class we created an interactive presentation about people living in poverty, I feel that this kind of project helped me understand more about the many issues around the world and think of different creative ways of helping solve these issues or benefiting the people in need.”

WWF highlights Audrey for Pink Dolphin support!

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Audrey was recently highlighted in the WWF magazine published in Hong Kong as their ‘Supporter in Focus’ given her efforts to raise awareness and the scientific information about the Chinese White Dolphin, affectionately known as the Pink Dolphin.  She organized a fundraiser around a musical performance and a photography exhibition of animals while on holiday in California.  Her efforts include a a funding page that has already raised over HK$400,000 to pay for additional hydrophones to conduct research about dolphin presence and movement!

She shares:

“I felt driven to base my project off helping the Chinese White Dolphins because I really wanted to make an impact for my chosen animal, and the types of animals I would most likely have the most impact on would be a local species. After doing research, I was really exposed to the rapidly deteriorating wellbeing of these dolphins, and they were definitely one of the most threatened species in Hong Kong waters. Seeing as they were relatively “local animals” and they were in extreme need of help, I decided to base my project off of helping them and sincerely hope my donations would make a difference for them!”
For more about Audrey’s work with WWF, read the SCMP article, the WWF article (p.11) and check out a WWF video.  You can continue to support her funding page on WWF by clicking here.

Phillip, refugees & the New York Times essay competition: many ways to take action!

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A multi-pronged action project spurred by interaction with refugees during the summer of 2016, led Phillip to take more hands-on and creative approaches.  Read about his experiences:

 “The refugee crisis is something we are not closely engaged with since we are living in Asia. However, on the opposite side of the world, there are people migrating every day risking their lives. Over the past few years, I have been engaging in refugee related volunteer work. 

I came to do my Personal Project about refugee crisis when I first went to Athens, Greece for volunteer work with my church members. After first-hand experience with refugees from Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria and having opportunity to talk with them made me research more into this controversial issue. When I was there in Greece in the year of 2016 during summer vacation, I was fortunate enough to help refugees with their Organic soap business. This Organic soap business is to make sure refugees can learn how to make soaps in their own, so that in near future, they can earn money through using what they have learned in the past. I was given an opportunity to bring around 300 soaps back to Hong Kong and I was able to sell those for charity during 2017 Family Fun Fair. 

After being engaged with refugees, I found that there is little action taken to alleviate this issue locally and how under concerned this topic is. At the start of Grade 11, Laurence (from Grade 11) and I decided to contact one of the refugee organisation located in Wan Chai hoping to interact with kids aged from 10-15 years old for our Student-led initiative. I believe this was an opportunity to be engaged in this issue locally. We have been doing this for about 6 months now and we are hoping that more people will join us! This is an issue close to my heart, where I began to research in my own to find ways where I can possibly be engaged directly or indirectly. On October 2017, I was able to enter ‘New York Times Essay competition’ about the on-going refugee crisis. At first, my focus was on winning the prize, but as I thought about what I have been doing for past months, I realised that this was on opportunity to express my thoughts and opinions to global audiences. I was able to incorporate my personal experience in my essay which made my essay seem rich and powerful. All of these experiences showed me the willingness for change whether its locally or globally, and I can only hope to get more involved.”

“Football for All” – Charity Fundraiser and Equity in Sport

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For his MYP Personal Project, grade 10 student Chester Chan organized and hosted a student led “Football for All” charity fundraiser on October 1st, 2015 to support “InspiringHK Sports Foundation”. A total of 60 players (all ages) from CDNIS, and underprivileged children and youth from Hong Kong participated.

The event raised funds to support InspiringHK Sports Foundation to establish and promote equality for the underprivileged youths in Hong Kong through sports to improve their social mobility. From the bright smiles, hearty laughter, and jolly faces of everyone, it was no doubt that everyone had an extremely enjoyable time. The outcome led to a positive vibe and all participants were able to develop new bonds, connections, and relationships through the enjoyment of sports. The event offered a new experience for participants and allowed the students of CDNIS to have a deeper understanding about inequality in Hong Kong society.

Please read Chester Chan’s reflection on his experience here and how he thinks this Personal Project connects to the CDNIS Service Learning Pledge.


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