Gr. 10 students share their Personal Projects with Gr. 4 students!

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On 14th March,  Grade 10 students Tina, Alia, Matteo, Jaden and Matthew shared their Personal Projects with the Grade 4 students, and discussed they ways in which they took action about an issue that mattered to them.  These presentations were used by the Grade 4 students as great idea starters and provocations to consider what ways they may want to support a cause they care about during their own ‘Action Week’.

“I heard from numerous students and teachers how engaging all of your talks were. You all showed passion, enthusiasm and persistence regarding action and delivered your message in a confident manner. Our Grade 4 students look up to you and we really appreciate you all being such positive role models.”

– Grade 4 Learning Leader, Rebecca Tupling





Details about each of their projects and what they wanted to present:

Tina Xia 
Environmentally friendly garment
I’ve created two environmentally friendly dresses with natural dyes. I dyed both clothes with grape peels.
Alia Dobles
Wearing Out the Stigma 
In my project, I designed shirts through my own brand, “Floatees,” to raise awareness, as well as funds for teen suicide prevention in Hong Kong. All profits raised were donated to the Samaritans, a suicide prevention organization in Hong Kong. I created a social media account to advocate for this cause, while advertising my product.
Matthew Yong
Sustainability & Technology
To develop an atmospheric water generator that could produce potable water in response to the global context “Scientific and Technical Innovation”. I completed this goal by taking a repairing a broken dehumidifier and modifying it to filter out water.
Matteo Darsono 
Renewable consumerism products
By using the laser cutter I developed a variety of lampshades and artworks that are environmentally sustainable and cost effective. Each of these products will be capable of compact packaging for sending to clients and customisable depending on a client’s needs.
Jaden Benayon
 Raising Awareness of the Plastic Waste Problem of Hong Kong 
The goal of my project is to organise a group beach cleanup event in accordance with my project of raising awareness about waste plastic pollution. Through research, on-site investigation and interviews, I gathered information about Hong Kong’s plastic waste situation with the goal of raising awareness for change. The global context I will be focusing on is that of ‘Globalisation and Sustainability’. Meaning, I will be inquiring into the structure and function of organisations, reviewing their systems and in turn, sustaining Hong Kong’s environment.

Bronze AYP Adventurers & their successes!

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Lower School teacher and AYP supervisor, Rebecca Tupling, shared the recent success of the Bronze AYP students:
“I am just writing to inform you all that this past weekend we had 18 students complete their last Bronze journey.
Groups have to plan a purpose for each journey which may include documenting the local wildlife, identifying landforms, observing the effects of a recent typhoon, taking pictures of the historical buildings, etc., and one journey’s purpose was to pick up garbage along the trail. They picked up nearly half a large bag of garbage over the course of two days. This was an incredible way they showed action, which compliments the IB curriculum. In addition, I have attached a photo of a snake that we saw (although this picture is from the internet). This snake is a Red-necked Keelback snake and is venomous, however it was docile and passive as it slithered past my group on Sunday and we watched it slither through the undergrowth for a few minutes. There was a moment of awe and respect for the snake by the students as they gave the snake space as they watched it from a distance.”

WWF highlights Audrey for Pink Dolphin support!

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Audrey was recently highlighted in the WWF magazine published in Hong Kong as their ‘Supporter in Focus’ given her efforts to raise awareness and the scientific information about the Chinese White Dolphin, affectionately known as the Pink Dolphin.  She organized a fundraiser around a musical performance and a photography exhibition of animals while on holiday in California.  Her efforts include a a funding page that has already raised over HK$400,000 to pay for additional hydrophones to conduct research about dolphin presence and movement!

She shares:

“I felt driven to base my project off helping the Chinese White Dolphins because I really wanted to make an impact for my chosen animal, and the types of animals I would most likely have the most impact on would be a local species. After doing research, I was really exposed to the rapidly deteriorating wellbeing of these dolphins, and they were definitely one of the most threatened species in Hong Kong waters. Seeing as they were relatively “local animals” and they were in extreme need of help, I decided to base my project off of helping them and sincerely hope my donations would make a difference for them!”
For more about Audrey’s work with WWF, read the SCMP article, the WWF article (p.11) and check out a WWF video.  You can continue to support her funding page on WWF by clicking here.

“Paint your… HOUSE!” Habitat for Humanity & Lower School!

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The goal of this campaign was to not only raise awareness for the issue of inadequate housing through fundraising and active advocacy campaigning but to also provide the opportunity for Lower and Upper school students to make a difference and to give their time and efforts to support a great cause. Hosting this event will help us achieve our short-term and long-term goals which are to raise enough funds to help subsidize our build trips both for this year but also for future build trips. Having a Paint-Your-House will help to educate, engage and reinforce the students’ understanding of the significance of a home and what it means to them.

We were able to raise a large amount of money to subsidize a build trip for our future build trip participants. The lower school students we talked to during the event expressed their interest in our club and the issue for inadequate housing as well. This had left our event extremely successful while meeting all our goals.

Continuing this event annually has increased the effectiveness of its advocacy component, as students have the opportunity to participate multiple times. Images provided of our build trips, and the fact that our members, and visitors from HFH Hong Kong, including the CEO, engaged with the students directly, ensuring that they are educated about the goals of Habitat and what it advocates for.

Here is a link to some photos and a video summary of the event.

Grade 7 Service Day at St. Mary’s Home for the Aged – 27th October, 2017

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As part of their annual Service Day, a group of Grade 7 students visited St. Mary’s Home for the Aged, our neighbourhood elderly home, to lead activities with residents and help with cleaning. Students started out by leading a lively game of Bingo and getting to know residents, before getting their hands dirty scrubbing windows, railings and chairs. We had a great time at St. Mary’s and hope to connect with them again soon!

What did the students say?

The most rewarding part of visiting them was definitely seeing how joyful they were to have us there – seeing all their smiles made me smile!”

I learnt that the elderly home does not have a lot of resources and many people wanted basic supplies such as toilet or tissue paper!  This experience influenced me to think of how we take a lot of needs/necessities for granted. Overall, this was a rewarding experience and I would totally do it again!”

I found it very surprising that we actually were able to communicate and got to know each other well. From this experience, my perception towards old people have completely changed.”

They were all happy to see us and I think this is because lots of them don’t get a lot of young visitors. This was also great for me because none of my relatives live in or close to HK and it was nice to interact with some people my Grandma’s age.”

All of the old people were helping each other and it was so lovely to see that age might change people on the outside but it does nothing to a person’s heart.”

Although I knew Cantonese, it was challenging since it was my first time. But it was a very enjoyable day there. We played games with the elders and they all seem really happy getting the presents.”

The most challenging thing was when my group had to clean chairs. It was very tiring but in the end, it was all worth it.”

I had trouble communicating with the old, and I was surprised that not many of them understood Mandarin.”

It was hot and tiring to clean outside but I still enjoyed it a lot. Overall, I think the elders need more company and love rather than physical things. I will be sure to visit again!”

I admit that it was pretty fun as I conversed with some of the elderly at my table and that it was good to have someone to talk with and could share their experiences with me that happened through their lives. I think that this day was worthwhile, rewarding and a great experience to our futures.”

Habitat For Humanity Popcorn & Italian Soda sale

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The goal of this campaign was to increase community awareness on the role of Habitat at our school as well as the need for adequate housing and fundraise money to subsidize build trips for future trip participants though a popcorn and Italian soda sale.  We were able to raise a large amount of money to subsidize a build trip for our future build trip participants. The students we talked to during and after the event expressed their interest in our build trips as well as telling us that they enjoyed reading the facts. Leaving our campaign goals met.  Students said that the HFH facts on the popcorn bags were accessible and interesting to read and share with the peers.  Many students contributed to our house signing component that we added and we were able to explain what Habitat was while they signed it.  We were able to get over 90 signatures in support of World Habitat day (2nd October 2017).  When talking to our friends, they said that they actually read the facts unlike if it was put on wordy posters.

What students thought about the event:
“There was a really good advocacy component as Habitat was able to place facts and information in an eye-catching place. It really taught me new information about the issue of inadequate housing in Hong Kong and what Habitat for Humanity is doing to help.”
“Writing facts on the paper bags at the Popcorn and Italian soda sale was a really great way for us to learn more about the club. But the added component of advocating for World Habitat Day by getting us to sign little paper houses that Habitat for Humanity Hong Kong was doing with the public, was even better as it made me feel more involved with the cause.”

Peace Day – 21st September

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  CDNIS celebrated International Day of Peace on 21st September with peace flags, puzzles, a ‘Paths to Peace’ forest mural, student advisory discussions and a vibrant musical number “Peace on Earth”.  BIG THANK YOUs to Tim Brown, Ashley Benusa, Chloe Lam, Aly Tresize and their Lower School art & music students for beautifully celebrating International Day of Peace! Thank you to Tiffany in Communications for making the CDNIS Peace Day video! Congratulations to our “Know Your World” flag quiz winners: Flora Chen & Lea Morgan (Gr. 4) and Richard Chan & Lauren Tran (Gr. 5) for the most accurate flag answers! All teachers: thank you for bringing your classes through to participate by drawing Peace flags and taking the ‘Know Your World’ quiz, and to Upper School Teacher advisors for leading insightful discussions about what means looks like and how one can practice it.

Grade 7 Service Day – 18th Nov. 2016

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On Friday, 18th November, all the Grade 7 students embarked on 6 different experiences around Hong Kong that connected to a local or global issue for their annual Service Day.  Going to places as far off as Mui Wo, Sai Kung, Shek O to name a few, the students and teachers helped the various communities on projects that address environmental and social justice issues.  The options included:

  • learning about and practicing permaculture methods on a Sai Kung educational farm
  • running a canned-food drive & learning about local food waste issues at Feeding Hong Kong
  • conducting native tree maintenance at a reforestation site on the hillsides of Mui Wo
  • doing a beach clean-up and art installation at a Shek O rocky shore
  • carrying out community mapping surveys in Aberdeen and presenting solutions to Southern District Council members, Ms. Yam & Mr. Zimmerman
  • getting hands-on and building up a young organic farm in Peng Chau

What did the students say?
“The beach at Shek O was FULL with garbage and after the day, basically all large and major garbage was cleaned up, leaving only a few areas of styrofoam!”
“At the Peng Chau Farm, I knew we had to get our hands dirty, and I completely loved the experience in the wilderness and the fact that we were starting from scratch!”
“Service day exceeded my expectations, and the Community Mapping was one of the most fun field trips I have been on during my time at CDNIS!”
“At Feeding HK, we learnt a lot about issues which people are going through and were inspired to do something about it!”
“In Mui Wo, I learnt many things about native trees in Hong Kong and was able to care for trees!”
“It was a fun learning experience at PermaClub; I learned a lot about plants and our environment!”

Grade 7 Service Day 2015 – Caring for Hong Kong’s trees

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A group of Grade 7 Students learned that ‘service’ can also include caring for our more-than-human world on our recent Grade 7 Service Learning Day on November 20th. Students visited forested areas near Mui Wo to help care for small trees that are part of reforestation projects on Lantau Island. Students made mesh wire supports for the trees, watered thirsty seedlings and learned about the ecological impacts of urbanization and forest fires.

Grade 7 Service Day 2015 – Feeding Hong Kong

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Across the Lower School, Orca House hosted a non-perishable food item drive to collect items to donate to Feeding Hong Kong, an organization that works to eliminate hunger and food distribution inequality locally in Hong Kong. To continue this experience, Grade 7 students led this drive, packed the items and brought them to the Feeding Hong Kong warehouse to pack up Holiday Hampers for Hong Kong citizens in need this December. Additionally, grade 7 students made holiday cards to accompany the food items and share a little cheer!

“I worked collaboratively with others because in the morning we ran up and down stairs carrying boxes full of food donations and we sorted them out in food groups….I learned that more people than we think don’t have enough food to eat in Hong Kong every day.”
– Zoe Boh,
Feeding Hong Kong
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