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Amnesty International @ CDNIS

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“The Vow of Silence was a simple yet effective activity that met the goals of the event: to advocate for those whose voices are heard or are unable to voice their opinions. By simulating this experience for the day, this event developed a greater awareness and understanding of our world at the local and global level.” – Kristy

Listen in to what the CDNIS Amnesty International Club does to raise awareness about human rights by watching their video!

Cooking For a Cause – supporting refugees in Chung King Mansions

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Cooking For A Cause (CFC) was started 5 years ago by a small group of passionate CDNIS students towards the refugee issue in Hong Kong. Since then, the club has grown to 50+ dedicated members who bring positive and innovative initiatives to CFC. Twice a month, students from Grades 7 to 12 design, organise, plan, prepare and serve meals to more than 50 refugees from all around the world such as Egypt, Israel and Eastern Europe at a soup kitchen at Christian Action in Chungking Mansions, Tsim Sha Tsui.

Not only has CFC established itself as a valuable Upper School club, student are also developing fundraising and marketing initiatives. In 2017, CFC opened its first ever booth as a club during the Family Fun Fair, raising a promising fund from selling milkshakes and smoothies to contribute to our service for HK refugees. CFC also held a successful Christmas-themed bake sale in December 2017 on the 6th floor bridge to raise awareness for the refugee issue and CFC as a club. 

In the near future, CFC plans to host a kitchen drive to collect kitchen utensils to improve the cooking out process and environment at Christian Action for the refugees. The club is also planning more fundraising events such as an Easter-themed bake sale in the upcoming year to continue it contribution to the wider local and international community. 

UNICEF Food Drive for Feeding HK

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UNICEF hosted two rounds of a food drive from October 30thNovember 3rd and November 27thDecember 1st 2017 for the NGO Feeding Hong Kong. Feeding Hong Kong is responsible for bringing surplus food to crisis shelters and central kitchens, where the collected food is given to those in need. As the cold weather approaches, many people eat more in order to keep warm. However, there are those with not enough to eat, those who sleep on hungry stomachs during winter, and many of those are children and the elderly. Collection efforts focused on high energy food such as rice and pasta Thanks to the caring CDNIS community, UNICEF collected 8 boxes of staple foods such as rice, oatmeal, tinned meats and fruit, broth and noodles. The donations will contribute to Hong Kong’s progress in meeting the SDG #2 (Zero Hunger).

UNICEF Winter clothes drive

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UNICEF’s recent clothing drive, held 15-19 January 2018, was organised with the aim of helping local NGO Christian Action to support refugees in need of winter clothing. Although spring approaches, there are still many chilly and windy days to go until we have warm sunshine (and humidity) once more. And while we can rejoice in our heated rooms and wooly sweaters, refugees who have fled from their home countries with minimal possessions are not so lucky. Fortunately, the clothing drive was a great success due to the generosity of our CDNIS community — we collected a total of 17 large boxes, packed to the brim with various warm garments, accessories, and even shoes and blankets! The donations hopefully will do their part to help Hong Kong progress towards meeting SDG 3 (good health and well-being). Having the right sort of clothing in different seasons is essential for maintaining good health and immunity against diseases. Making better use of our used clothing can even tie in with SDG 12 (responsible consumption and production), because our warm clothes can pass to people who need them — and all for the better.

AYP: action within CDNIS & beyond!

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The Award for Young People (formerly known as Duke of Edinburgh) is a program spearheaded by Mr. Hamilton years ago and has since developed into a comprehensive experience that is topped-off with a multi-day expedition with the supportive help of many Lower and Upper School teachers.  This year, a few Gold AYP students came and taught the Bronze students map reading, and as Ms. Tupling (an AYP supervisor) observed, “It was fantastic to watch as the younger students were super engaged and the older students did a great job explaining, and were articulate and very knowledgeable. I was impressed!”  She continues to explain that “part of AYP is community service that is usually done at the hostels we stay in, for example the students have to clean the washrooms, sweep the floor, pick up trash from the ground, etc.”  Thus, AYP students take action beyond CDNIS walls!
Comments from the Bronze AYP students who learned from the Gold AYP students:
I liked how it was informative and fun. Mathew
I liked the first hand experience given to us by the gold level students. Elio
I liked how it was interactive. We learnt how to read maps by doing it ourselves and not just the teacher explaining. Anon
I liked the game we played, it made map reading more fun. Theron
Everything was well explained, clear and not confusing. Heiyui
The practise with maps was very effective in learning the parts. They were helpful too. Nicola
It was taught very well and was clear. Adrian

Refugees advocacy through a spelling bee?!

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On Thursday November 16, RESPECT successfully organised our school’s first spelling bee in recent memory! Contestants from grades 9-12 put their spelling acumen to the test as they competed for the chance to win two free tickets to this year’s school musical, The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee.

Example sentences were refugee-themed in order to raise awareness of refugee issues in Hong Kong, and the hosts were none other than the actors playing the word pronouncers in the musical themselves, Alison and Roark. It was a fun-filled event that, at the same time, helped advocate for refugee issues and bring attention to how people could get involved in the local community.

Thank you to all participants, and congratulations to Vesta in grade 12 for winning the bee!

“beGIN 2017” – GIN852 World Issues Conference

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As is annual tradition, CDNIS sent delegates to the GIN852 Conference held at Discover College. This year’s theme was “beGIN” and to act on this, students were divided into five GANGs to collaborate and create solutions to local and global problems. A new initiative, this conference included hands-on work experience at NGOs SoCO, Green Glass Green, SoapCycling, Home of Love HK and Sunshine Action. Our students worked with Green Glass Green at the Wanchai Refuse Collection facility recycling glass bottles and with the Society for Community Organisation in Sham Shui Po hauling a startling amount of rubbish from stairwells of sub-divided and cage-home apartment blocks. The vision of GIN is to empower young people and we hope to attract further interest in local and regional conferences in future.  Many thanks go to Ms. Jong and Ms. Ifi for leading the whole Global Issues Network (GIN) culture at CDNIS and for guiding the students through this year’s GIN852!

“Paint your… HOUSE!” Habitat for Humanity & Lower School!

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The goal of this campaign was to not only raise awareness for the issue of inadequate housing through fundraising and active advocacy campaigning but to also provide the opportunity for Lower and Upper school students to make a difference and to give their time and efforts to support a great cause. Hosting this event will help us achieve our short-term and long-term goals which are to raise enough funds to help subsidize our build trips both for this year but also for future build trips. Having a Paint-Your-House will help to educate, engage and reinforce the students’ understanding of the significance of a home and what it means to them.

We were able to raise a large amount of money to subsidize a build trip for our future build trip participants. The lower school students we talked to during the event expressed their interest in our club and the issue for inadequate housing as well. This had left our event extremely successful while meeting all our goals.

Continuing this event annually has increased the effectiveness of its advocacy component, as students have the opportunity to participate multiple times. Images provided of our build trips, and the fact that our members, and visitors from HFH Hong Kong, including the CEO, engaged with the students directly, ensuring that they are educated about the goals of Habitat and what it advocates for.

Here is a link to some photos and a video summary of the event.

Talks by Upper School students to Gr. 5s about refugees & taking action

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On Wednesday, 18th October 2017, Upper School students from 3 refugee support clubs presented shared the current realities of refugees living in Hong Kong and how their clubs try to help in areas of literacy, food and sport.  Members from the “RESPECT”, “Cooking for a Cause” (see their presentation) and “Free to Run” student clubs got the Gr. 5 students interested in the issue with the help of photos, videos and stories, so much so that there wasn’t enough time for all the questions during the Q&A session.  By the end of the talks so many Gr. 5s were very keen to get involved themselves and learned about opportunities that open up to them once they are in the Upper School.

The Upper School students found it rewarding too:

“We thought that the grade five students participated eagerly and seemed enthusiastic to be part of the change. Judging by the number of hands going up every time we asked a question, they seemed genuinely interested in learning more about our club and the ways they could get involved in the future!”  – Jesse from ‘RESPECT’
“It was my pleasure to teach the 5th graders on not only refugees in general, but also what we do as a club. I was really happy when I saw the students interested in listening to what we do, since it is not really often to learn about refugees through the aspect of cooking. Therefore, I really hope they learned something from our club and our stories, which they may continue in the future if they are interested in joining CFC.” – Joyce from ‘Cooking for a Cause’
“It is a great experience for us to be able to share the importance to help refugees and we are happy to see the grade 5 are actually interested in it. I can see that they really have deep understanding on refugees and I hope to see them joining our club after they reach to grade 7, even though I would have already graduated.” – Kenne from ‘Cooking for a Cause’

Habitat For Humanity Popcorn & Italian Soda sale

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The goal of this campaign was to increase community awareness on the role of Habitat at our school as well as the need for adequate housing and fundraise money to subsidize build trips for future trip participants though a popcorn and Italian soda sale.  We were able to raise a large amount of money to subsidize a build trip for our future build trip participants. The students we talked to during and after the event expressed their interest in our build trips as well as telling us that they enjoyed reading the facts. Leaving our campaign goals met.  Students said that the HFH facts on the popcorn bags were accessible and interesting to read and share with the peers.  Many students contributed to our house signing component that we added and we were able to explain what Habitat was while they signed it.  We were able to get over 90 signatures in support of World Habitat day (2nd October 2017).  When talking to our friends, they said that they actually read the facts unlike if it was put on wordy posters.

What students thought about the event:
“There was a really good advocacy component as Habitat was able to place facts and information in an eye-catching place. It really taught me new information about the issue of inadequate housing in Hong Kong and what Habitat for Humanity is doing to help.”
“Writing facts on the paper bags at the Popcorn and Italian soda sale was a really great way for us to learn more about the club. But the added component of advocating for World Habitat Day by getting us to sign little paper houses that Habitat for Humanity Hong Kong was doing with the public, was even better as it made me feel more involved with the cause.”
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