UNICEF Club Food Drive

By December 1, 2020.
The UNICEF club‘s food drive that was held throughout the month of November has ended with a very successful finish. We set a goal of matching the weight of food waste that occurred during August, which totalledto +280kg, in order to emphasise to the school community the value of food. This goal relates to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 2 of ‘Zero Hunger’.
With the combined effort of our students, parents, and staff, we’ve been able to far surpass this goal. The final numbers are: 193 bags of rice (approx. 386kg), 182 cans of sardines, meat, beans, soup, etc. (approx. 72.8kg), 87 bags of pasta/noodles (approx. 26.1kg), and 53 bottles of oil (approx. 47.7kg).
With the hope of making the food drive even more effective, educational posters and social media posts were shared so that our community would be more aware of the lack of access to food that exists in Hong Kong.
The donations are distributed to local vulnerable populations with the help of the foodbank FeedingHK.

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