Toy Donations for Refugee and Asylum Seeker Children

By November 26, 2020.

My name is Diya and I am a student in grade 11. As part of my CAS project I have chosen to work with refugee children and am currently creating various efforts to improve their lives and their unfortunate situations. One of these projects involves helping to facilitate a toys drive for refugee and asylum seeker children this year at Christmas time. This initiative was started by the refugee organization Branches of Hope and the toy subscription box company Happy Baton. By working with Branches of Hope and Happy Baton we have been able to facilitate a toys drive at CDNIS. The toys drive aims to collect Christmas presents for the refugee and asylum seekers community this holiday season and to help the over 600 families in need. Refugee and asylum-seeking families are not eligible for government-assisted schemes and anti-Covid essentials, they face difficulties in finding affordable housing and many are unable to work meaning they struggle to make ends meet with insufficient monthly assistance from the government. With the Christmas season right around the corner, these families cannot afford to buy any gifts for their children, making this project the children’s only source of gifts this year. The generous children and parents of the lower school have worked together to help contribute to this drive and filled up two boxes of toys for the community.


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