HandsOn Hong Kong Youth Empowerment Program

By August 31, 2020.


Hi everyone! My name is Anjali T and I am a Grade 12 student. This year, I am a member of HandsOn Hong Kong’s first ‘Youth Empowerment’ programme. The goal of this programme is to develop long-term, sustained initiatives for youth volunteers to support our community. Our council of approximately twenty students, from a range of different schools and backgrounds, works alongside the HandsOn team to identify specific needs in our community, create six new service programmes that address issues important to youth and ideal for young volunteers, participate in programmes throughout the school year as volunteer leaders and act as ambassadors for HandsOn Hong Kong. My programme specifically is targeted at how young people can support the refugee community in Hong Kong, and while we are starting small with a mentorship programme for young refugee children, we hope to grow our programme into addressing a larger range of the needs of the refugee community and we intend to launch our programme in mid-September. 

If you are interested in joining our programmes or HandsOn Hong Kong’s servathon to take advantage of leadership and CAS experiences, follow their Instagram account @handsonhongkong and keep an eye out for our orientation session soon. I look forward to seeing you there!



Hello! I’m Arjun S and I’m an 11th Grade student here at CDNIS. Along with Anjali, I am the second CDNIS member of the HandsOn Hong Kong’s Youth Empowerment committee. I was initially introduced to this program by Mr. Schulte which immediately appealed to me as it was a program that enabled the youth of Hong Kong to engender real change within our local community.  HOHK recognizes the potential of youth to the discover and innovate unique solutions to problems that riddle Hong Kong and entrusts us with resources as well as connections to implement our programmes that Anjali described. 

Specifically, I am working on a program that aims to alleviate stress and anxiety in youth where we are planning to implement 3 different programs that in a 9-month rotational cycle that each address a specific aspect of mental health: a mentorship program, a cathartic mindfulness hike, and a product design activity. 

Again, if you are interested in helping out with any of the six programs – mental health support for youth, mental health support for the elderly, food assistance for low-income families, education for disadvantaged children, support for refugees and asylum seekers, or environmental conservation – feel free to follow the HandsOn HK Instagram account or contact me at arjunsahney@cdnis.edu.hk!

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