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May 2020

Hand sewing over 100 masks for homeless people in HK

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Kashish M in 11H has spent the last 8 weeks hand-sewing reusable masks using a second-hand sewing machine, that she will hand out to homeless people in Hong Kong through NGO partner Impact Hong Kong.

Kashish has been passionate about breaking the cycle of poverty through education and has been involved in other initiatives including tutoring students from underprivileged backgrounds through Concerns for Grassroots Alliance HK.

”Since I cannot continue to tutor these children since I too am stuck at home, I have been thinking of how I can help during the pandemic.  After doing some research on the efficacy of masks,  I understand that facial protection is important to reduce infection during the pandemic. So, I have been making homemade washable masks… They are 100% cotton, and reusable. To supplement the safe use of masks I have made a video and paper instructions on how to use a mask safely and how to wash it. I hope this will be informative and useful for the community.”

Kashish is exploring further plans to run workshops on how to make homemade masks. This will empower community members with the knowledge and skills needed to continue making masks and spread awareness about remaining safe during this time.

Great initiative Kashish. The CDNIS community is both proud of and here to support your efforts.




Mira C (8E) leading the way with community service and engagement during online-leanring

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Mira C in 8E has dedicated her time and energy during the COVID pandemic to a range of volunteer and community service initiatives. 

She engaged with various NGO’s and activities during the lockdown of schools including Hands On HK and Plastic Free Seas where she completed beach cleanups and waste audits, visits to elderly care facilities and was involved in a soap recycling project. 

Most recently she joined impact HK for kindness walks every week (except during the government quarantine restricted times and always following safety and social distancing protocols) to visit homeless people on street to distribute food, hygiene necessities, mask and to engage in conversation. Regular participation has been important for Mira to build trust and relationships. 

Thank you, Mira, for setting a great example to our community and finding ways to continue serving our community during this time

Soap Recycling

DB South Island Beach Cleanup 

DB North Island Beach Cleanup

Kindness walk with Impact Hong Kong.  

Glohelp non-profit initiative to support hospitals in Brooklyn and Brookdale

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Glohelp is a non-profit initiative founded by 4 students across Hong Kong (Joanne T from CDNIS and Bernice W from VSA) and the USA (Katie H and Liz B from Peddie School) that aims to help medical workers during this time of crisis. Inspired by the many heartbreaking stories found online as well as the continued effort of these workers, they decided to work together to try and help out. The team helps to collect donations from the public to help fund medical supplies such as masks, sanitisers among others that are to be donated to hospitals in the USA, specifically the New York Area near where the US students attend school. 
America, the country with the highest amount of confirmed Coronavirus cases worldwide (as of May 25 2020), has been under much pressure. Healthcare systems and hospitals across the country have been put under enormous strain, and workers only have a quickly dwindling supply of equipment to protect themselves. Thus, while working alongside suppliers and various hospitals, the Glohelp team has decided to work together to help alleviate the burden on medical workers and slow the spread of disease.
Since their launch, they have already sent out two shipments of masks to Brooklyn Hospital Center and Brookdale Hospital Centre but are looking forward to launching more shipments with the help of donors and donations from the public!
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