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January 2020

Home of Love Donation Drive

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Thank you to the entire CDNIS community for donating 16 large boxes of food goods for the Home of Love Charity in Sham Shui Po. A group of Grade 6 students led this initiative which has been running for over 10 years. They collected and boxed the donations, with 5 students joining Mr Schulte to deliver the donations. The Sisters at Home of Love were very thankful, giving the students a tour of the kitchen and boarding houses and inviting us back to join them for lunch anytime. 

The Amnesty Clubs Fair Trade Hot Chocolate Event

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On December 13 and 16, Amnesty gave out free fair trade hot chocolate to the CDNIS community. To receive a free cup of hot chocolate, students and staff were required to complete a quiz on fair trade (what it was, where to buy it, official fair trade certifications, and more). The purpose of this event was to raise awareness on fair trade and how we can push for justice in international trade through the consumption of fair trade products. Across the planet, people in struggling economies may work hard to produce goods for which they receive little or no profit. Middlemen often buy at unfair prices that leave producers plagued with poor working conditions, health problems, lack of education and damage to the environment. Therefore, it is crucial to educate students and teachers on this topic. Through making the hot chocolate free, this allowed us to reach a wider audience in the school (we had over 100 participants) and provide everyone with a Christmas treat!

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