Bronze AYP Adventurers & their successes!

By March 6, 2019Green, MYP
Lower School teacher and AYP supervisor, Rebecca Tupling, shared the recent success of the Bronze AYP students:
“I am just writing to inform you all that this past weekend we had 18 students complete their last Bronze journey.
Groups have to plan a purpose for each journey which may include documenting the local wildlife, identifying landforms, observing the effects of a recent typhoon, taking pictures of the historical buildings, etc., and one journey’s purpose was to pick up garbage along the trail. They picked up nearly half a large bag of garbage over the course of two days. This was an incredible way they showed action, which compliments the IB curriculum. In addition, I have attached a photo of a snake that we saw (although this picture is from the internet). This snake is a Red-necked Keelback snake and is venomous, however it was docile and passive as it slithered past my group on Sunday and we watched it slither through the undergrowth for a few minutes. There was a moment of awe and respect for the snake by the students as they gave the snake space as they watched it from a distance.”

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