Tippy-Taps and container gardens – a Lower School family support Filipino communities

By May 23, 2018Social Justice

Read about a family with boys in Gr. 3 and Gr. 1 that helped communities in the Philippines become stronger:

Josh and Adam really valued their trip to the Philippines.  They visited ultra-poor communities in Bacolod with International Care Ministries.  We visited two different types of slum communities.  One closer to the city, an urban slum, and the other farther out in a rural area.  We met and spent time with families that survive on less than HK$4 a day and they were so welcoming.  We delivered Manna Packs, or nutritious food to the communities.  Malnourished children is a serious problem in these communities and many children do not grow properly due to insufficient nutrition.  In addition, the communities lacked infrastructure that many of us simply take for granted – electricity, clean water, and plumbing.  

The boys made container gardens using empty plastic soda bottles.  These gardens were transported to the communities so that members could learn to grow their own food.  The boys also enjoyed building tippy-taps, a basic hand-washing station.  These stations help promote proper hand washing in households that don’t have running water. The boys observed that the ultra-poor do not have a lot of possessions, but they value what they have and are willing to share.  Together with members of the community, we build a toilet – some families do not even have this basic facility.   ICM is doing amazing work in the Philippines and transforming lives through teaching and training families how to support themselves and providing them with the necessary tools to survive beyond poverty.  The trip with ICM was a rewarding experience and it was a true privilege to work with the charity to help those in need.  

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