UNICEF Winter clothes drive

By January 31, 2018GIN & Clubs, Green
UNICEF’s recent clothing drive, held 15-19 January 2018, was organised with the aim of helping local NGO Christian Action to support refugees in need of winter clothing. Although spring approaches, there are still many chilly and windy days to go until we have warm sunshine (and humidity) once more. And while we can rejoice in our heated rooms and wooly sweaters, refugees who have fled from their home countries with minimal possessions are not so lucky. Fortunately, the clothing drive was a great success due to the generosity of our CDNIS community — we collected a total of 17 large boxes, packed to the brim with various warm garments, accessories, and even shoes and blankets! The donations hopefully will do their part to help Hong Kong progress towards meeting SDG 3 (good health and well-being). Having the right sort of clothing in different seasons is essential for maintaining good health and immunity against diseases. Making better use of our used clothing can even tie in with SDG 12 (responsible consumption and production), because our warm clothes can pass to people who need them — and all for the better.

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