AYP: action within CDNIS & beyond!

By January 16, 2018GIN & Clubs, Staff
The Award for Young People (formerly known as Duke of Edinburgh) is a program spearheaded by Mr. Hamilton years ago and has since developed into a comprehensive experience that is topped-off with a multi-day expedition with the supportive help of many Lower and Upper School teachers.  This year, a few Gold AYP students came and taught the Bronze students map reading, and as Ms. Tupling (an AYP supervisor) observed, “It was fantastic to watch as the younger students were super engaged and the older students did a great job explaining, and were articulate and very knowledgeable. I was impressed!”  She continues to explain that “part of AYP is community service that is usually done at the hostels we stay in, for example the students have to clean the washrooms, sweep the floor, pick up trash from the ground, etc.”  Thus, AYP students take action beyond CDNIS walls!
Comments from the Bronze AYP students who learned from the Gold AYP students:
I liked how it was informative and fun. Mathew
I liked the first hand experience given to us by the gold level students. Elio
I liked how it was interactive. We learnt how to read maps by doing it ourselves and not just the teacher explaining. Anon
I liked the game we played, it made map reading more fun. Theron
Everything was well explained, clear and not confusing. Heiyui
The practise with maps was very effective in learning the parts. They were helpful too. Nicola
It was taught very well and was clear. Adrian

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