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October 2017

Talks by Upper School students to Gr. 5s about refugees & taking action

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On Wednesday, 18th October 2017, Upper School students from 3 refugee support clubs presented shared the current realities of refugees living in Hong Kong and how their clubs try to help in areas of literacy, food and sport.  Members from the “RESPECT”, “Cooking for a Cause” (see their presentation) and “Free to Run” student clubs got the Gr. 5 students interested in the issue with the help of photos, videos and stories, so much so that there wasn’t enough time for all the questions during the Q&A session.  By the end of the talks so many Gr. 5s were very keen to get involved themselves and learned about opportunities that open up to them once they are in the Upper School.

The Upper School students found it rewarding too:

“We thought that the grade five students participated eagerly and seemed enthusiastic to be part of the change. Judging by the number of hands going up every time we asked a question, they seemed genuinely interested in learning more about our club and the ways they could get involved in the future!”  – Jesse from ‘RESPECT’
“It was my pleasure to teach the 5th graders on not only refugees in general, but also what we do as a club. I was really happy when I saw the students interested in listening to what we do, since it is not really often to learn about refugees through the aspect of cooking. Therefore, I really hope they learned something from our club and our stories, which they may continue in the future if they are interested in joining CFC.” – Joyce from ‘Cooking for a Cause’
“It is a great experience for us to be able to share the importance to help refugees and we are happy to see the grade 5 are actually interested in it. I can see that they really have deep understanding on refugees and I hope to see them joining our club after they reach to grade 7, even though I would have already graduated.” – Kenne from ‘Cooking for a Cause’

Peace Day – Flag competition winners!

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The winners!

For International Day of Peace on the 21st of September, one of the activities was to identify the flags on the ceiling of the 9th floor main entrance, and 4 students from Gr. 4 & 5 had the most number of correctly named flags!

Congratulations to Richard, Lauren, Flora and Lea!

Keep the geographic general knowledge up and never stop exploring your world!

Green Halloween Costume Swap

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Roots & Shoots students put together their second Green Halloween costume swap and successfully sold almost everything! With the start of school, camp and holidays it’s always a tough time to organize a campaign but Grade 4-6 students rose to the occasion and took responsibility for promoting the event, raising awareness and managing the sale. In total they raised $336 for the Jane Goodall Institute. Here are their thoughts:

“It was really cool. I never knew that people would buy so many second-hand clothes & accessories! The money at the end was mind-blowing!” – Naomi (Grade 6)

“I noticed that even though it was second-hand stuff, everyone still bought stuff. We are trying to help the planet and the people buying are helping too!” – Alexa (Grade 5)

“Everyone bought costumes even though they have been used before” – Joseph (Grade 6)

“I think it was a really good experience and I hope I can do it next year” – Anna (Grade 5)

“Overall, it was a great experience and I enjoyed it a lot” – Chloe (Grade 6)

“It was awesome!!!” – Fiona

Habitat For Humanity Popcorn & Italian Soda sale

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The goal of this campaign was to increase community awareness on the role of Habitat at our school as well as the need for adequate housing and fundraise money to subsidize build trips for future trip participants though a popcorn and Italian soda sale.  We were able to raise a large amount of money to subsidize a build trip for our future build trip participants. The students we talked to during and after the event expressed their interest in our build trips as well as telling us that they enjoyed reading the facts. Leaving our campaign goals met.  Students said that the HFH facts on the popcorn bags were accessible and interesting to read and share with the peers.  Many students contributed to our house signing component that we added and we were able to explain what Habitat was while they signed it.  We were able to get over 90 signatures in support of World Habitat day (2nd October 2017).  When talking to our friends, they said that they actually read the facts unlike if it was put on wordy posters.

What students thought about the event:
“There was a really good advocacy component as Habitat was able to place facts and information in an eye-catching place. It really taught me new information about the issue of inadequate housing in Hong Kong and what Habitat for Humanity is doing to help.”
“Writing facts on the paper bags at the Popcorn and Italian soda sale was a really great way for us to learn more about the club. But the added component of advocating for World Habitat Day by getting us to sign little paper houses that Habitat for Humanity Hong Kong was doing with the public, was even better as it made me feel more involved with the cause.”
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