Operation Red-Packet

By May 19, 2017GIN & Clubs

Operation Red Packet is an annual event at CDNIS where students and teachers donate some money that they had collected as “lai-see money” (紅包) from Chinese New Year. This year, it was hosted by the Amnesty and UNICEF organizations, and the money, as part of both groups’ foci, went to AIDS Concern, a local NGO that helps to provide equal healthcare to AIDS sufferers. Both organizations felt the need to create more public advocacy on this disease, to deliver more education on HIV, to provide support for affected people in Hong Kong. The event was a great success, seeing as we received much support and many donations from students, and teachers were very enthusiastic; overall, there was a great response from the CDNIS community, and we really feel that we got the message across and were able to raise more than $7600 (thank you CDNIS!). We hope that next year’s Operation Red Packet will be just as successful, if not more!

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