Amnesty International “Vow of Silence”

By January 24, 2017GIN & Clubs

On the 7th of December, Amnesty CDNIS hosted the annual “Vow of Silence”, a school-wide activity to raise awareness about those in the world who do not have a say in their human rights. By challenging students to not speak for an entire school day, we allowed them to experience the life of those who do not have a voice, or whose voice is not heard. All funds from sponsorships went to Amnesty International and Justice Centre, both organisations that support and advocate for human rights, one local one global, especially for the right to free speech.

The main learning outcome we connected with the most is the statement “I understand that every human being has basic universal human rights, no matter what culture he or she is from. “ As a result of advocating for this human right violation, we brought light upon this issue and was able to allow our school community to better understand this learning outcome. As Amnesty is based upon advocating for human rights, we found it very fitting to be able to use this valuable opportunity of sharing our passions. Furthermore, the lunchtime activities to enhance the challenge allowed for first-hand experiences as to not having one’s voice heard. Through utilising different methods of communication, students explored the variety of ways in which a message could be presented.


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