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December 2016

Grade 7 Service Day – 18th Nov. 2016

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On Friday, 18th November, all the Grade 7 students embarked on 6 different experiences around Hong Kong that connected to a local or global issue for their annual Service Day.  Going to places as far off as Mui Wo, Sai Kung, Shek O to name a few, the students and teachers helped the various communities on projects that address environmental and social justice issues.  The options included:

  • learning about and practicing permaculture methods on a Sai Kung educational farm
  • running a canned-food drive & learning about local food waste issues at Feeding Hong Kong
  • conducting native tree maintenance at a reforestation site on the hillsides of Mui Wo
  • doing a beach clean-up and art installation at a Shek O rocky shore
  • carrying out community mapping surveys in Aberdeen and presenting solutions to Southern District Council members, Ms. Yam & Mr. Zimmerman
  • getting hands-on and building up a young organic farm in Peng Chau

What did the students say?
“The beach at Shek O was FULL with garbage and after the day, basically all large and major garbage was cleaned up, leaving only a few areas of styrofoam!”
“At the Peng Chau Farm, I knew we had to get our hands dirty, and I completely loved the experience in the wilderness and the fact that we were starting from scratch!”
“Service day exceeded my expectations, and the Community Mapping was one of the most fun field trips I have been on during my time at CDNIS!”
“At Feeding HK, we learnt a lot about issues which people are going through and were inspired to do something about it!”
“In Mui Wo, I learnt many things about native trees in Hong Kong and was able to care for trees!”
“It was a fun learning experience at PermaClub; I learned a lot about plants and our environment!”

1st term UNICEF events

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Averaging one event per month, this year’s UNICEF club has been working hard at fundraising and raising awareness for the seven goals of the organisation. These fundraisers have included a winter clothing drive, donation collection, a cotton candy sale and the UNICEF bake sale, which has been the highlight so far. The bake sale also served as a means to raise awareness for UNICEF’s goal of eradicating hunger, with the prices corresponding to certain statistics and a slideshow educating those in line. Future events for UNICEF will focus on the goals of reducing poverty and the importance of clean water and sanitation.

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