Habitat for Humanity – Youth Build in China!

By April 17, 2016GIN & Clubs
A small group of Grade 11 leaders embarked on a 3-day trip to Guangzhou, China to partake in Habitat For Humanity (HFH) (https://www.facebook.com/hfhcdnis/?fref=ts)  Young Leaders Build program. Despite having a shorter duration in comparison to CDNIS HFH’s other International Build Trips, this was due to the nature of the trip being slightly different as well. As this was a collaboration between various organizations other than CDNIS, there were many volunteers who were new to service learning, and this provided a first experience where we were tasked with brick transport, digging foundation, mixing cement, and building walls. “Building Homes, Building Hope” is one of the key slogans that represent HFH and many of us were able to witness this firsthand. We encourage many of you young leaders to take advantage of the plentiful opportunities that not only HFH offers but other organizations or events as well. Involving yourself and becoming an engaged member of the wider community and take small steps towards reaching larger goals! Good luck everybody!

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