Grade 7 Service Day 2015 – Feeding Hong Kong

By December 8, 2015Community Service Days, MYP

Across the Lower School, Orca House hosted a non-perishable food item drive to collect items to donate to Feeding Hong Kong, an organization that works to eliminate hunger and food distribution inequality locally in Hong Kong. To continue this experience, Grade 7 students led this drive, packed the items and brought them to the Feeding Hong Kong warehouse to pack up Holiday Hampers for Hong Kong citizens in need this December. Additionally, grade 7 students made holiday cards to accompany the food items and share a little cheer!

“I worked collaboratively with others because in the morning we ran up and down stairs carrying boxes full of food donations and we sorted them out in food groups….I learned that more people than we think don’t have enough food to eat in Hong Kong every day.”
– Zoe Boh,
Feeding Hong Kong

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