Pre-Reception ‘Restaurant’ for Mother’s Choice – What a great success!

By December 7, 2015PYP

During the week of November 23rd, Ms. Little’s Pre-Reception A classes learned through a fantastic restaurant project to raise awareness and funds for Mother’s Choice, an NGO that provides care for young children as they await adoption from their ‘forever families’. The Pre-reception students baked and prepared treats which they then sold and served to their family members to show appreciation.

Ms. Gill Little writes:
“The restaurant venture was an amazing success!! The restaurant was buzzing as we welcomed parents, grandparents, aunts, brothers and sisters, helpers, staff and students. Thanks to your generosity and support we managed to raise a staggering $14,590!!! We hope to present the cheques to Mother’s Choice next week and they will certainly be able to buy lots of warm winter clothes for the children. 
The whole venture involved many different skills for the children. Math came into cooking as we weighed, measured and counted. Literacy was involved as we followed recipes and instructions. Fine motor skills were used as we cut, spread, rolled and brushed. We introduced left and right as we set the tables. The whole initiative was also a great lesson in caring, appreciation and giving to others less fortunate than ourselves.”

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