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November 2015

RESPECT – Refugee Educational Support Program

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The Refugee Educational Support Program (also called “RESPECT”), is a program dedicated to providing learning support for refugee school children. We are a group of CDNIS Upper School students who, for an hour every Saturday, meet with between 10 and 20 refugee students. We help the students with maths, reading and writing (in both Chinese and English), and also have conversations and read books with them.

All tutors participating in this program recognize that they have passions, skills and knowledge to offer their communities. We all understand that we have the ability to share our knowledge and resources with people less privileged than us. We have also considered the needs of our communities, to make informed choices about how we contribute. We know that school is hard for refugee children, who often don’t speak the language that their lessons are taught in, and made the choice to help them by providing tutoring support.

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