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September 2015

Global Citizenship Speaker for Grade 4 and 5

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On September 9th, active world volunteer d’Arcy Lunn visited CDNIS and presented to students in grade 4 and 5. As a social and environmental activist with several ongoing projects, he shared unique stories on how and why he is making a positive difference in the world. d’Arcy has been working with the United Nations to create resources for ‘The World’s Largest Lesson’ to teach students about the Sustainable Development Goals, launched this September. Learn more about the World’s Largest Lesson here.

Grade 4 students heard about d’Arcy’s journey to becoming a global citizen and were presented with the idea that we should aim to do more good in our communities than harm (his Teaspoons of Change initiative). Grade 5 students heard about how d’Arcy uses social media to raise awareness about issues that he is passionate about as part of their Unit of Inquiry: “with connection to a wide audience comes great responsibility.

Kids4Kids Powered by Youth Forum 2015

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On Saturday, September 12th, 16 Upper School Students were sponsoredimg_0136 by the CDNIS Annual Fund to attend the Powered by Youth Forum hosted by Kids4Kids. Students attended workshops that built upon their strengths (power of voice, creativity and technology) and interests (passion in environment, human rights, poverty and youth issues). Additionally, the Powered by Youth Forum gave CDNIS students the opportunity to meet with other students who are also interested in environmental and social justice issues from other Hong Kong International and local Schools. These students will have the opportunity to use the skills and motivation gained from the Powered by Youth Forum within their GIN Clubs and the wider CDNIS community.


GIN Leadership Retreat 2015!

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On Friday night, September 11th, 2015, the first ever GIN retreat was held at CDNIS. Two student leaders from each of the 11 Global Issues Network Clubs attended. Activities included an “AmaGIN Race”, discussions on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and two inspiring speakers: Aleta Miller (United Nations Women’s Fiji Multi-Country Representative) and Zein Williams (HK Director at Child Welfare Scheme Nepal).

Most importantly, all GIN clubs had the chance to work on some strategic planning for the upcoming year and to refine their club goals and planned activities. Conversation between GIN club leaders revealed potential areas for club collaboration to increase the reach of advocacy opportunities within the CDNIS community.


Habitat for Humanity – Asia-Pacific Housing Forum

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The 5th Asia-Pacific Forum was held in Hong Kong with the purpose of discussing sustainable solutions for the issue of inadequate housing. This year’s forum focused on 4 major discussion tracks: Building Leadership, Impacting Communities, Building Markets, and Impacting Society. Several CDNIS Habitat for Humanity Executive students attended the forum on September 3rd and after school on September 4th.

“On Sept 3rd, I went to the Asia Pacific Housing Forum organised by Habitat for Humanity. The two sessions that I attended were “Improved Living Goes Hand in Hand with Safe Water and Sanitation” and “How Can the Right Housing Policies Empower Communities to Withstand Climate Change-Related Disasters?”. My biggest takeaway from the conference was that building a house is crucial in improving people’s living standards, but what’s equally as important is that these people need to be taught the “basic” routines/tasks such as how to flush a toilet and access to clean water. These skills are needed in order for them to survive in the Habitat for Humanity house. We often think the “basics” are known by everyone, however they’re not since many may have never seen or have had access to them before. Something many speakers stressed was community empowerment. Community empowerment allows for communication and discussion, resulting in increased knowledge and awareness. The world’s poorest people are most dependent on the planet’s most productive area for resources and help. We’re very fortunate to be living in one of the most productive areas, and so we, as a group and a community here at CDNIS, can help make a difference together!” – Reflection by Tomoka Masuda (President of Habitat for Humanity’s CDNIS Chapter)


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