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March 2015

Amnesty International’s Disease Awareness Week

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Throughout March 9th to 13th, CDNIS Amnesty International hosted a Disease Awareness event in correlation with our month’s foci of right of the elderly and right to healthcare. By hosting this event, we reached out to the Upper School community and decided to raise awareness regarding different preventable and rare diseases such as Ebola, HIV, and Malaria. We carried out this event by making posters as a club regarding the disease about what it is, how it spread, preventable measures, and impacts to the human life. As this event took a passive approach, the ultimate goal was to increase the awareness about how these diseases affect us and what we could do to prevent this and help.


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Athena and Alina are volunteers for the organisation – the Joshua Hellmann Foundation (, and we organized a walk that was held on the 14th of March (Saturday) at the Peak, Lugard Road. We had around 50 participants come to the walk wearing blue. The main intent of the walk was to raise awareness for rare diseases, which affect 350 million people worldwide. However, since there are so many conditions that affect small groups of the population, diagnosis, prevention, and treatment are often very difficult. In order to raise awareness, we had an activity during the walk that made participants pay attention to the statistics regarding rare diseases. Each person was given a quiz sheet that had statistics on them, with the numbers missing. Along the path of the walk, were marshals standing with signs that contained the missing numbers. Participants had to match the numbers on the marshals sign, to the right blank on their quiz, in order to get a free Sift cupcake.

After the 3.5 kilometre walk, participants went to the Mount Austin Playground (also in the Peak), where we provided them pizza, snacks, and drinks, which were provided to us for free by some adults who had heard about our walk. We also had a water ballon fight for everyone to cool off and have some fun. All in all, it was a successful event, and we hope to do it again next year!


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