Habitat for Humanity’s “Paint Your Key” campaign

By January 27, 2015GIN & Clubs

Last month, from December 8 to 12, Habitat for Humanity (http://facebook.com/hfhcdnis) hosted its 6th annual Lower School fundraiser, Paint Your Key. “Paint Your _____” is a series of events where Lower School students get to personalize a Habitat related item. This year, we chose a key because the key is a symbol to a safe and secure home. Additionally, at the end of our international build trips (to Thailand and Cambodia), there is a ceremony of a “key handover” to the homeowners. This year, over 200 students from Prep to Grade 6 had the opportunity to decorate their own wooden key, which were then displayed along the school’s main staircase before they were taken home. There were also many Upper School volunteers who were there to engage the Lower School students in a conversation to inform them about what Habitat is and to share their experiences with Habitat. Overall, the event was a success as we were able to spread awareness about the issue of inadequate housing to the wider school community.

See our event video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wNn7jOXlXEo

For additional photos, please visit our Facebook page (link above).


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