Amnesty: Hungry for Change Campaign (with Justice Center)

By January 26, 2015GIN & Clubs, Social Justice

On October 14, Amnesty International CDNIS hosted “Hungry for Change”, an event created by Justice Centre Hong Kong, to bring about awareness of the lack of human rights refugees have in Hong Kong. Refugees in Hong Kong have to collect food worth less than $40 a day. We invited a refugee experiencing these troubles to talk to students, pledged students to try and use only $40 every day for meals between Oct. 14-16, and participated in an online petition to call for the government to revise its policies regarding refugees in Hong Kong. In January, we received news that the online petition was successful and now the government is starting to hand out cash coupons to allow refugees to select their own food rather than receiving sub-standard food at collection centers.



Amnesty: Vow of Silence Campaign!

On November 26th, 2014, Amnesty International CDNIS hosted an event called the “Vow of Silence” where Upper School students (Gr7-12) were challenged to not speak for the entire school day, from 7:45am to 2:25pm. This campaign was hosted in order to raise awareness for those without a voice worldwide and is a traditional event that Amnesty hosts yearly. During the campaign, the CDNIS Amnesty also hosted lunch time activities with participants where many participants confessed to have broken the vow and expressed through body language the difficulties they faced in class to communicate their thoughts and lack of voice. Peers, parents and/or relatives sponsored students to complete the event and all proceeds were donated to an NGO called Global Rights Organization (GRO). The GRO works with local activist groups in Africa, Asia, and Latin America to spread awareness and protect the rights of populations marginalized because of gender, ethnicity, race, socio-economic status, gender identity or disability.


Amnesty: Family Fun Fair Identity Advocacy Campaign!

The Amnesty International Club at CDNIS aims to raise awareness and take action on various human rights issues on a local, national and international level. At the Family Fun Fair on November 30th 2014, CDNIS Amnesty International hosted an advocacy booth, raising awareness to our main foci Right to Identity. In order to promote our foci and address a wide target audience, we turned our booth to an arts and crafts one where we had participants decorate a puzzle piece with colours, symbols and words that represent themselves. The puzzle pieces would then be combined together and would portray a collage based on the focus of identity. Ultimately, the collage would show how each of us are like a little individualistic puzzle piece, but when put together can become like a big picture that represent a community.


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