Grade 6 Trip to Guizhou, China

By January 16, 2015PYP

“This trip was an eye-opener for many of us. Even the village kids and the kindergarten students learnt a lot from this experience, and it was easy to see the effect on them. In just a few days, they learnt how to say hello and a few other english words, and they were more confident and participative. There were many learning opportunities for us as well. We experienced a part of China that we had never seen before, we practiced our teaching skills and Chinese skills, we learnt that we should count our blessings and appreciate what we have, and we learnt that we can make friends despite cultural and language differences.”


Read about the 5-day service learning trip some Grade 6 students took to Leishan, China, where they worked with the NGO ‘Zigen’ and the initiative for literacy called ‘Bring Me A Book’:

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