What 3-year olds can do! Cook… Run a restaurant… Raise HK$10,800 for Mother’s Choice

By December 8, 2014GIN & Clubs, PYP

3-year olds.

3 days.

3 practical & profound learning experiences.
Monday, 24th Nov.
  • Cooking & Preparation for the fundraising food sale in the “Pre-Reception Restaurant”; tomato sauce, flour & egg shells everywhere was part of the fun!
Tuesday, 25th Nov.
  • Running the “Pre-Reception Restaurant” and selling the edible results of their hard work to eager parents & staff; they raised $10,800 in a few hours!
Wednesday, 26th Nov.
  • Hosting, showing care and appreciation to their helpers at their “Helper Appreciation Event” & learning about adoption from guest lecturer, Ms. Lily, from Mother’s Choice Charity, who received their donations with big smiles!

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