d’Arcy Lunn & his “Teaspoons of Change” stories about Global Citizenship

By December 8, 2014GIN & Clubs

What does walking and cycling for 1800km across Japan give you besides a muscles?

A whole lot of time to contemplate things that you normally don’t have the space for!
That’s exactly what global citizen, d’Arcy Lunn, a qualified teacher of 14 years from Australia, did in the late summer of 2014 as part of his ‘Teaspoons of Change’ campaign!
He visited CDNIS on the 11th of November 2014, to share his ideas and stories to students in Grade 5, the Lower School Awesome Action club and the Upper School Global Issues Network (GIN) Executive.  He touched upon many topics about his definition of a global citizen and about the idea that as long as the actions that you do on a regular basis have a more positive impact on your communities and the environment than the negative, then you are on the right track!  During his various presentations, he challenged the students to consider different perspectives that they may not have come across before, especially about gender inequality and its global change.  He impressed the students with his stories about community involvement in projects that ranged from literacy, povery & disparty, as well as health issues related to Polio, which you can find links to below:
  • Happy, simply – a sustainable lifestyle model and education project. 2 tiny homes built.
  • Global Poverty Project – an education initiative designed to provide students with unique learning experiences
  • Polio Points – an award and reward system helping to end polio, one point at a time.
Also, check out the photo of his presentation to the CDNIS GIN (Global Issues Network) Exec team is also featured on his Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/teaspoonsofchange!

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