October UNICEF Fundraiser and Advocacy

By November 11, 2014GIN & Clubs

The UNICEF Club at CDNIS (https://www.facebook.com/unicefcdnis) aims to raise awareness, promote and help children around the world. We held a pizza sale on 31st October, 2014 as part of our fundraiser for the upcoming UNICEF Feast later on in the year. For the UNICEF Feast, we partner with the organisation Christian Action to invite refugees to our school to participate in activities such as sports and share dinner towards the end of the night.

At the pizza fundraiser, students had a chance to receive a discount if they answered some questions relating to our club correctly. Facts were posted on the US Daily Announcements prior to the sale. Overall, this sale was successful and allowed us to start funding for the UNICEF feast. Our next focus is the Family Fun Fair where we will be bringing Holly Brown Gelato (http://www.hollybrowncoffee.com/) to help raise money and awareness about the Ebola epidemic in West Africa.


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