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Message from CDNIS Athletic Trainer

Hi Swimmers, It's that time of the year again when we will begin dry land training. This year we are making it mandatory for all swimmers to complete qualification 1 in the Fitness Room to go over the safety rules of using the Fitness Room. Please be dressed in sports attire ...

Swim Team Meeting Minutes Thursday 27th August

The Swim Team met on the 27th August.  Here is a quick review of what was discussed........ 1)  Around Christmas the SEASAC team will be selected (15 boys and 15 girls).  Those not selected can continue to train and are free to challenge a SEASAC swimmer to a spot................................. 2)  There will ...

Our New Site!

Welcome to the official Timberwolves Swim Team website. Everything you need to know about swimming at CDNIS can be found here and we recommend subscribing to this site for automatic updates via email.
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