Update for Swim Parents
Thanks for your support of the Aquatics Programme and your dedication to early starts and late finishes.  I think the Swim team are possibly our most dedicated athletes and hardest training team.
I hope everyone is following the updates on the Swim Blog, this is a new initiative to improve communication about training, events and to celebrate success.  If you have not already subscribed please do.
Sports Season Fee is now due for all of the selected CDNIS Swim Team. This is a $500 fee for being part of the Swim team, please pay and complete the Athletic Participation Agreement before September 25.   For the swim team this $500 is paid only once for the year, not per swim season. The students receive a CDNIS Swim suit (good quality from Arena) that can be used for training and worn for Swim meets.  If you would like to wear an alternative swim suit you need the permission of Coach Orbell. We also have a Swim goody bag being prepared with a few surprises in. In NZ we call them Jandals ….
Before the ISSFHK Championships (Nov 13) all the Swim Team will also receive a special CDNIS Swim Team shirt.  This is quite distinctive and will be fun to wear.
Swim Coaching Fee is also now due.  This year the Swim Team have the opportunity to train up to 10 times a week.  The cost for the Aug-Dec Coaching is $1000.  You will receive an invoice from the Activities department for this amount on Monday.  Please pay by September 25 to keep your place on the team. A small number of people have already paid this fee, if you receive this invoice and you have already paid please contact me and I will process the payment manually.
Thanks for your support of our top Swimmers at CDNIS.
For Swim training related questions please contact dickorbell@cdnis.edu.hk
For questions about the new Swim Suits and ISSFHK please contact alexwong@cdnis.edu.hk
For Blog/Organisation Swim questions contact justinwah@cdnis.edu.hk
For Sport Fee/other Swim questions please contact jameslovegrove@cdnis.edu.hk
Warm regards