• Join the Lower School Counsellors for a 4-week series on Positive Parenting (Positive Discipline). Sessions will cover the following topics:

    November 23 A New Look at Misbehavior and The Mistaken Goals of […]

  • Upcoming Parenting Workshops

    1.Monday, September 21 8:15- 9:15am in the LLAC Lobby

    Positive Discipline (Positive Parenting) #2 for all Lower School Parents and/ or people involved in raising your child […]

  • Please join us for the upcoming Positive Parenting Workshops #3 and #4

    Positive Parenting Workshop #3

    Please join Michele Moskowitz and Lolita Schmalenberg as they welcome Clinical Psychologist Dr. Kate Threlfall from the Southside Family Health Centre. Dr. Threlfall will offer an interactive and informative session on The Importance of Play to help your child engage and cultivate relationships. Please RSVP and join us Monday September 29 from 8:30am-10am in the LLAC. Breakfast will be served at 8am.  Details can be found on the LS Guidance website.

    Positive Parenting Workshop #4

    October 6, 2014 8:30 – 10:00 in the LLAC Lobby (Breakfast served beginning at 8:00)

    Join the Lower School Counsellors for a hands on workshop as we find  solutions to Everyday Parenting Problems.

    Some of the topics to be discussed are how to handle:

    The Angry or Aggressive Child

    Bedtime Hassles/Morning Routines

    Different Parenting Styles (Co -Parenting: does your style match your spouse’s)

    Sibling Rivalry

    My child won’t talk to me

  • Join the LS counsellors as we present an introduction to Parenting the Positive Discipline Way. (For parents who have students in grades Pre-k through 6). This will be a dynamic and interactive […]

  • March 17 and March 18

    Michael Thompson, Ph.D. is a consultant,
    author and psychologist specializing in
    children and families. He is the supervising
    psychologist for the Belmont Hill School and
    has worked in […]

  • Ms. Wilde and I are finishing up a 15 week Mind Up Pilot Program in Grade 2. What is Mind Up ?

    It is a program implemented in the classrooms that promotes and develops attention to oneself and others. I always […]

  • Hello

    Welcome to another amazing school year at CDNIS. I look forward to seeing you during the school day or  hopefully at Curriculum Night this year.

    I have been teaching in several classes this year […]

  • “Can you hear me?”
    Let’s talk about listening. We are offering a workshop for parents on communicating with your child on Wednesday 30 January in the LLAC from 8:30am-10:30am. The focus will be on communicating […]

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    Welcome to a new school year. My name is Michele Moskowitz, otherwise known as Miss M (for short). I am the lower school counselor for Pre-reception – Grade 2. Most recently I worked in Israel at the […]