Weather Policy

Inclement Weather

  • Lightning, Thunderstorm, Amber Storm Warning, Typhoon #1    #3 in force: Outdoor activities will continue at the discretion of CDNIS; when possible activities may continue safely with possible modifications to the programme; activitites for EY2 studentts are cancelled when T3 is in force
  • Red or Black Storm Warning inforce before 6am: Activities are cancelled
  • Black /Red Rain or Typhoon 8 signal in force: All activities will be cancelled; students will be supervised at school until it is safe to leave on the school buses/private transport

All announcements and decisions will be communicated via the CDNIS Website 



  • In the event of excessive AQHI levels, CDNIS reserves the right to move all outdoor activities to a supervised indoor location
  • No refund or credit will be issued for cancelled lessons due to inclement weather or excessive AQHI level


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