LitBlitz 2016!

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Our annual reading celebration, Lit Blitz, kicks off next Monday, Oct 31. Lit Blitz is a joint initiative led by CDNIS teacher librarians and CISPA to promote a love of literacy. This year’s Lit Blitz theme is ‘Reading for the Gold’ and will take place from Oct 31 to Nov 18. Below are some highlights of this year’s Lit Blitz celebration.


Book Fair (Tuesday, Nov. 1 at 7:45 am to Friday, Nov. 4 at 2:20 pm)

Both English and Chinese books will be available for purchase at discounted prices.

English vendors: Fun to Read and Fields Books

Chinese Vendor: Reader’s Bookshop LTD

Students from Prep to Grade 6 will have an opportunity to visit the book fair with their homeroom and Chinese classes. The book fair will also be open before and after school, as well as at recess and lunch times. Pre Reception and Reception students are invited to visit the book fair before or after class with a parent or guardian. We encourage students to please bring a reusable bag for their book purchases!

Grade 3 to 6: Book Blitz

Students in Grades 3 to 6 vote for their favourite titles in the Junior Library. Each week the choice narrows as popular titles compete to make it to the next round!

Prep to Grade 2: Lit Blitz House Book Awards

During their weekly library classes students will read a range of award winning picture books from around the world. At the end of Lit Blitz they will have an opportunity to vote for their favourite title. Students will vote in their houses and the books with the highest number of votes will receive Lit Blitz House Awards.

Prep to Grade 6: Shelf Marker Shuffle (submissions accepted until Friday, Nov. 18)

Students can use their creativity to design their own shelf markers to enter in our Shelf Marker Shuffle. Thirty shelf markers will be selected for the Primary, Junior and Chinese libraries to be used by all students when checking out books. Click here for contest details.


Book Blitz and Lit Blitz House Book Awards continue.

Pre Reception – Grade 2: Mystery Readers

Special reading guests will visit our Pre Reception and Reception classes to share their love of reading along with some wonderful picture books.

Parent Workshop

Come join our parent workshop on Reading Aloud, led by reading specialist Julie Fowlkes.  Learn to nurture a life-long love of reading in your child and make them learners for life.  The workshop is open to all parents but will focus on how best engage children ages 2-6 yo.  Please note that this workshop is about how to improve family reading time, and not about reading strategies for the children themselves.

When:  Thursday, Nov 10th, 8:00-10:00am
Where:  LLAC Lobby


Book Blitz and Lit Blitz House Book Awards continue.

Prep to Grade 6: International School Library Day (Tuesday, Nov. 15 from 8:00 – 11:30 am)

One of our most popular literacy event returns for another year! CISPA and our amazing parent volunteers showcase authors and books from around the globe in a celebration of literacy and international mindedness.

Prep to Grade 6: Pancake and Pyjama Dress Down Day (Friday, Nov. 18)

Students come to school dressed in their pyjamas on that day and can order pancakes for lunch (students who pay for school lunch will be served pancakes for lunch at no extra charge).  A great list of bedtime stories will be available for teachers to read in the library. Please note that this is a free Dress Down Day, students only need to bring money if they are purchasing pancakes.

Pre-Reception and Reception: Pancake and Pyjama Dress Down Day (Thursday, Nov. 17)

Pre Reception and Reception students will wear PJs and make their own pancakes on Thursday, November 17 due to parent teacher meetings on Friday, Nov 18. How cool that they’re going to MAKE pancakes! Fun!

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Click here for a pdf version of the calendar.

If you have any questions about Lit Blitz, please feel free to contact our Lower School teacher librarians Jenny Lovegrove (, Colleen Williams ( or CISPA Literacy Committee Chair, Christina Matula-Hakli, We are looking forward to a fun and exciting Lit Blitz celebration.

Happy reading everyone!

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