eBoooks + Summer = Woo hoo!

All books are due back in the library but that doesn’t mean you have to stop reading! If you haven’t been to the Central Library near Victoria Park it’s FANTASTIC! I highly recommend getting a library card and being a regular visitor this summer. There are also book stores around Hong Kong, although they seem to disappear and then hopefully re-appear. And there’s always ebooks! Fiction ebooks can be found on OverDrive, picture books are over at TumbleBooks, nonfiction titles are on Destiny’s FollettShelf,  They’re available all summer long and they’re FREE!


For a complete introduction to OverDrive, check out this blog post. Quick reminders: your username and password are both your student number. Yup, same number twice. However, if your student number begins with a ZERO, drop it. For example, if your student number is 09123, use 9123 for your username and password.

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FollettShelf: Nonfiction ebooks.

For fun, interactive nonfiction books, check out FollettShelf. Click here for a longer blog post about FollettShelf. Quick reminders: your username is your student number. Your password is the same password you use to get on the network at school. For grade 3 students, the password is 12345. Check back to FollettShelf during the summer because new titles may be added.

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TumbleBooks is a collection of super fun picture books! Unfortunately I can’t post the username and password here because this is a public blog, but if you log into your Destiny account and click on the Home tab, you’ll see the login access for many of our online subscriptions, including TumbleBooks. Logging into your Destiny account is the same as logging into FollettShelf, so check above for access information. As always, if you need help with any of these online services, don’t hesitate to email me at colleenwilliams@cdnis.edu.hk. I’m happy to help!

Enjoy your summer and happy reading!

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