Reading: Big Returns on a Fun Hobby!

Benefits of Rdg small

I’ve been reading research about the benefits of reading and some of it is quite surprising. I decided to see what the kids about the benefits of reading. We brainstormed and came up with the usual answers:

  • Fun! Entertaining!
  • Builds vocabulary
  • Helps you as a writer: sentence structure, spelling, grammer
  • Live more lives (through the stories and characters)
  • Imagination, creativity
  • Learn stuff!

Then a few classes dug a little deeper:

  • Helps solve problems in your real life
  • Gives story ideas for your own writing
  • Morals to apply to your own life; life lessons
  • Better thinking, more ideas
  • Stronger reading skills: comprehension, speed, synthesizing, analysis
  • Develops logic

And did you know that reading:

  • Develops focus (makes sense!)
  • Develops empathy (a couple kids actually came up with this on their own!)
  • Is a stress reducer
  • Helps you sleep

And here’s the BIG surprise research factoid that no one came up with:

  • Kids who read more, do better inĀ MATH! True story! I’m guessing it has to do with developing better focus along with better comprehension of word problems and creative problem solving. The reverse is not true – kids who spend a lot of time learning math do not have higher reading skills.

Reading gives you a lot of educational bang for your buck! In fact, if you borrow books from the library, you don’t spend any bucks at all! It’s great for you to encourage your kids to read, but modelling reading is even better. So show your kids that reading is valuable by picking up a book yourself and immersing yourself in another world!

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