Wild Readers Dedicate Time to Reading

When is your favorite time to read? Do you curl up with a book before you go to sleep? Do you read the paper with your morning coffee? Do you like to read a magazine while eating lunch or waiting in the doctor’s office? I have a Kindle Paperwhite and I keep it with almost all the time. If I have a few minutes, I take it out and read. I love to read before falling asleep, but I also read when I run on the ellyptical trainer at the gym:


My own children find unique times  and places to read. My son is 19 years old and in his second year in university. He spent part of his summer here in Hong Kong. He really got into his summer reading and relished any time he could find to read. He even took his book with him on the MTR. Might as well read while sitting or standing there!

Aid on MTR

My daughter is in grade 11 here at CDNIS. She read over a dozen books this summer. Here she is relaxing and reading on the couch after finishing her homework tonight:

Bren on couchWe’re a family of readers, but we’re also busy. We dedicate time to reading by fitting it in when and WHERE we can! Where can you fit in reading? Take a book or eReader along with you when you go out. You may discover more reading time than you thought possible. CDNIS students – send me a picture of you reading. Please send it to colleenwilliams@cdnis.edu.hk. Send it along with your name, class, and a brief description of where you are. I can’t wait to see what your reading life looks like!


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