Are you a Wild Reader?

Source: Amazon

Source: Amazon

According to Donalyn Miller, author of Reading in the Wild, a wild reader is someone “who incorporates reading into her personal identity to the degree that it weaves into her life along with everything else that interests her.” A wild reader doesn’t read because they HAVE to, they read because they WANT to. Being a wild reader is a good thing! In fact, it’s a GREAT thing!


This year we’re going to look at the five keys to be a wild reader:

  • Wild readers dedicate time to read.
  • Wild readers self-select reading material
  • Wild readers share books and reading with other readers.
  • Wild readers have reading plans.
  • Wild readers show preferences.

The first one we’re going to focus on is choosing our own reading materials. Wild readers use many criteria, such as:

  • Recommendation from a friend
  • Recommendation from a teacher or librarian
  • Looking at the cover (you really can and do judge a book by its cover!)
  • Reading the book blurb on the back or inside cover of the book
  • Award winners
  • Books by an author or series that they like.
  • The popularity of a book.

This week in the library students are thinking about, graphing and reflecting on using these criteria to select books. It’s a very simple step on the road to being a wild reader!




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