by jonathanhamilton on December 4, 2012

Season 1 sports of the SEASAC tournaments have finally come to an end, and T-Wolves have once again demonstrated to us all their commitment and dedication to their teams. After weeks of intense training, T-Wolves definitely represented CDNIS well in all of the Season 1 tournaments. Just in case you have missed the results of the tournaments, they are listed as below:

SEASAC Boys Volleyball: 3rd out of 10
SEASAC Girls Volleyball: 5th out of 12
SEASAC Boys Soccer: 5th out of 12
SEASAC Girls Soccer: 11th
SEASAC Boys Golf: 4th
SEASAC Girls Golf: 5th

If you feel like you have missed the opportunity to participate in any sports in Season 1, Season 2 is coming up soon, so stay tuned to what is available and don’t hesitate to go for the try-outs!

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