It was a cold and wet night…

by jonathanhamilton on November 28, 2012

From Pierre Lacoste:

Last weekend some of our students ran in relays for 24 hours to raise money for Running To Stop The Traffik to combat the scourge of child trafficking in Nepal and East India. It was a great sight to see all the enthusiasm and energy of them running during the day on Saturday but it was an awesome sight to see them struggle and persevere all through the night in the wet and cold weather. It is hard to explain the commitment and determination needed to do this unless you have tried something similar. I am in awe of these students and encourage more to join in next year. I might even bring my camp stove to make some hot chocolate next year.

Please take a moment and recognize the following students for their achievement.

Lea Choukroun, Georgie Beale, Rahul Singh, Maddy Gonzalez, Jacob Morishita, Maple Tang, Sofie Samuelsson, Karen Bongrain, Linus Chan, Monty Beale, Anson Wong, Sabrina Yang, Anne Lau, Clement Wong, Daphne Pang, Tanisha Singh, Jason Chen, James So, Mollie Chase, Tiffani Wong, Tom Halder, Joyce Wong, Pascal Snelling, Megan Wong, Hilda Lau, Alex Orr, Mollie Lentchner, Matthew Orr, Julian Snelling, Sabrina Wong, Marco Clark, Edward Yu

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